Astrology Expert Ruby Warrington Finds the W Destination for Your Star Sign

Destination Guide Astrology Expert Ruby Warrington Finds the W Destination for Your Star Sign

If you are unsure about where to escape for a holiday, just look to the stars! We’ve got you covered on your next vacation with W destinations throughout Asia that are the perfect match to your astrological sign, curated by astrology expert and founder of The Numinous, Ruby Warrington.


ARIES – W Taipei 

Aries’ like to be where the buzz is and thrive on constant stimulation. A city break to this emerging modern metropolis, where high-tech living collides with easy access to ancient natural wonders, will feed your “Type A”, all-or-nothing personality. Such an abundance of pedal-to-the-metal energy makes you prone to burn-out, and when the go-go-go gets to be too much, soak out any tension with a therapy bath in W Taipei’s state-of-the-art Away Spa.


What to pack: Sleek athleisure looks in monochromes spiked with your signature red will cater to your proclivity for perpetual motion.



Flavors to savor: You like what’s on your plate to bite back, and Taipei’s legendary street food scene is an adventure in itself. Take a trip to the city’s night markets to sample xiaochi (Taiwanese tapas).



2019 Adventure Mantra: “Expanding my horizons opens my mind.”



That’s so Aries… Represented by the ram, Aries go at life “head first” and will often butt heads
with anybody who tries to stop them getting their way!



The best place to look at the stars: Qingtiangang Grassland at Yangmingshan in Taipei.



The best place for people watching: There are numerous nice cafés located at Daan District and Zhongshan District.


Luxury is a must for Taurus’, and from lush island getaways to lavish spa breaks and epicurean adventures, you seek travel experiences that satisfy all the senses. Your dedication to the cult of the catwalk is also second-to-none, and W Guangzhou is a decadent landing pad into what is recognized as one of China’s premier fashion capitals.


What to pack: Never anything less than selfie-ready, you lean towards voluptuous, body-positive looks in earthy tones and regal fabrics. A believer in “more is more,” save some room in your suitcase for fashion finds picked up at the city’s sprawling mall districts.



Flavors to savor: You favor earthy, time-honored cooking techniques, and as the home of Cantonese cuisine—one of the eight traditions of Chinese kitchen culture—Guangzhou’s food scene will appeal to your taste for tradition.



2019 Adventure Mantra: “Getting in motion fuels my inner transformation.”  



That’s so TaurusRuled by Venus, the planet of love and abundance, “self-gifting” is an especially Taurean concept!



The best place to look at the stars: Tibet is an amazing place for star gazing.


The best place for people watching: Mount Hua.


Gemini is the social butterfly of the zodiac, and you really try your best to be everywhere at once! Endlessly adaptable and with one eye always on what’s new and next, your up-for-anything attitude and infinite curiosity sees you sampling a wide array of travel destinations. A trip to the city beach resorts of W Brisbane or W Singapore will satisfy your desire for a kaleidoscope of experiences.


What to pack: Dip into your eclectic closet for a travel look that’s equal parts stylish city-tripper and sun-worshipping siren. You’re always one step ahead of the latest trends and packing a stash of up-to-the-minute accessories will give you options to create a different look for every photo opportunity.



Flavors to savor: Small plates and meals that are shared “family style” mean you get to taste as many flavors as possible in one sitting. In Brisbane, check out the burgeoning gourmet food truck scene for a smorgasbord of modern Aussie dishes, while Singapore’s “hawker centers” will allow you to graze hundreds of specialist food stalls in one sitting.



2019 Adventure Mantra: “I choose travel companions who bring out the best in me.”



That’s so GeminiThe astrological symbol for Gemini is the twins—which explains why this sign is sometimes thought of as two-faced!



The best place to look at the stars:


Brisbane: Maleny, 90 kilometers north of Brisbane, is so incredibly beautiful. On a clear night, you can see multiple planets in the sky, and it’s a great camping destination.


Singapore: If you love nature and adventure, head down to Pulau Ubin. Away from the hustle and bustle, skyscrapers and bright lights, it’s perfect for some stargazing.


The best place for people watching:


Brisbane: I love Cru bar on James street. A great place to enjoy a quality glass of wine and watch the interesting characters of the suburb pass by.


Singapore: Definitely Clarke Quay!


Cancers need privacy like no other sign and you seek secluded spots where it feels safe to emerge from your shell. The most watery of water signs, nestling into your own private cabana at the W Maldives private island resort, with nothing but the ocean breeze to interrupt your tranquillity.


What to pack: You favor floaty coverups over revealing bikinis, and you’ll love wafting from bed to the beach to the spa in super-soft cotton or silk. Invite even more calm by keeping prints to a minimum, and lean towards celestial shades of pearl, ecru, and tidal blues.



Flavors to savor: Your nostalgic palette sees you seeking comfort food that transports you back to your childhood—think fresh pasta, ice cream, and other milky sweet treats. Sip fresh coconut water to stay refreshed throughout the day and come nightfall, dine on the freshest of seafood with your feet in the sand.



2019 Adventure Mantra: “Investing in me boosts my productivity.”



That’s so Cancer… Cancer is ruled by the moon, and their moods change with the waxing and waning of our celestial body.



The best place to look at stars: Just look up to the sky from our tropical paradise and you’ll see the whole Milky Way!



The best place for people watching: Our kitchen restaurant or the beach.


Life is one long party for Leos, and you prefer to dance from one adventure to the next. You’re drawn to tropical climates and passionate people, and with its mish-mash of sights, sounds, and spice, W Bangkok is a jet-set gateway into a city that feeds your endless appetite for life.



What to pack: A walking disco-ball who loves to be looked at, the more vivid the impression you leave the better. Holiday snaps are just another excuse for Leo to pull out all the stops while rainbow shades, neons, vivid prints, and plenty of sparkle will ensure you’re looking party-ready 24-7.



Flavors to savor: Bangkok’s food scene is an epicurean adventure in itself and will have you diving into spice that makes you break a sweat while raising your heartbeat a notch. Combine your lust for flavors that are big and bold with your love of the nightlife over late-night plates on the famously foodie Silom Road.



2019 Adventure Mantra: “I choose adventures that inspire my creativity.”



That’s so Leo… Leo is said to rule the heart, which reflects this sign’s warm, fun-loving personality and love of romance.



The best place to look at stars: Lumpini Park.



The best place for people watching: Siam, as you get to see all sorts of different people mixed together.  


Virgo thrives on efficiency and while switching off fully can be a challenge, you find your own kind of relaxation in the soothing cadence of a well-oiled routine. You take pleasure in the planning and the process of a multi-stop trip and located just 60 miles apart, make W Shanghai and W Suzhou your base for exploring two of the busiest cities in China.



What to pack: Not one to let your wellness regime slide while you’re on the road, choose workout gear that can also double-up as lightweight sight-seeing wear—along with a sling for your smartphone for easy access to taxis, maps, and menus.



Flavors to savor: Your body is a machine and food is your fuel, and you tend to stick to healthy options that boost your overall sense of wellbeing. You’ll appreciate modern efforts to cut down on the sugar content of traditional local “Hu” cuisine, and when it’s time to let your hair down, you’ll enjoy quizzing W Shanghai’s onsite “cocktail professor.”



2019 Adventure Mantra: “Creature comforts help me feel at home on the road.”



That’s so Virgo… Ruled by the planet Mercury, Virgos are able to take the cosmic “temperature” of any situation they find themselves in.



The best place to look at stars: 


Suzhou: Tai hu lake.

Shanghai: A two-hour drive to Moganshan is a tranquil option for stargazing.



The best place for people watching in Shanghai: East Nanjing Road! It’s the busiest walking street in Shanghai. Another great place is Xiyanyang Park at the Former French Concessions where locals dance or do their morning stretches.


Libras are forever seeking beauty, balance, and harmony, and you’re drawn to travel experiences that offer the best of all worlds. A tropical hideaway that’s also a hub for Thailand’s beautiful party people, W Koh Samui will tick every one of your discerning boxes.


What to pack: Think elegant day-to-night looks that epitomize easy poolside glamour. Statement swimsuits paired with your favorite pastel shades form the basis of an effortless mix-and-match vacation wardrobe.



Flavors to savor: You enjoy flavor pairings that balance sweet and sour, spicy and mild, and classic Thai cuisine is founded on principals of juggling disparate elements to create a harmonious finish. Begin your day with a palette-prepping tropical fruit plate, and then choose deceptively simple dishes that demonstrate the art of culinary complexity.



2019 Adventure Mantra: “My curiosity guides me to exactly where I am supposed to be.”



That’s so Libra… The only sign symbolized by an inanimate object, the scales, Libras have the ability to take a balanced view of life.



The best place for people watching: WOO BAR at W Koh Samui!

Scorpio – W HONG KONG

Each new adventure is the beginning of a magical mystery tour for Scorpios, who love to slip behind the scenes and journey deep below the surface. W Hong Kong is your gateway to one of the world’s most mysterious cities, where old meets new and there is magic around every corner.


What to pack: Black is always the new black as far as you’re concerned, all the better for moving through life with an aura of mystique. Choose easy pieces you can dress up or down, as you morph from day to night.



Flavors to savor: Your palette demands raw, pungent flavors, and the local Cantonese-inspired cuisine will provide plenty of punchy plates to sink your teeth into. Hong Kong is also famed for its dim sum scene, and for something a little more upscale join the locals for yum cha.



2019 Adventure Mantra: “Luxury is a feeling that I carry with me.”



That’s so Scorpio… Like the scorpion that symbolizes this powerful sign, Scorpios regularly “shed” old versions of themselves to emerge reborn.


The best place to look at the stars: Hong Kong’s Space Museum Astropark is dedicated to stargazing and is equipped with a plethora of Chinese and Western astronomical instruments.


The best place for people watching: The bars and cafés by the escalators in Hong Kong Central’s Soho.

Sagittarius – W GOA

You were born with a passport in your hand, Sagittarius. As the most adventurous sign of the zodiac, you’re forever setting off for horizons unknown. Your restless soul will feel right at home at W Goa, your entry point to a multi-cultural hub where East meets West.


What to pack: You’ll blend right in with nomadic hues of saffron, mustard, rust, and glitter-dusted taupe, while untameable patterns and rich tapestried fabrics reflect the wanderer in you. Browse Goa’s beach markets for accessories and textiles to weave into your holiday wardrobe.



Flavors to savor: You favor hedonistically heated dishes that transport the senses—think exotic hotpots, campfire cookouts, and fragrant spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger. You’ll lap up Goa’s coconut curries, aromatic stews, and fresh seafood baked bare on the beach.



2019 Adventure Mantra: “The adventure I am seeking is also seeking me.”



That’s so Sagittarius… Prone to taking risks, Sagittarius is ruled by the happy-go-lucky planet Jupiter and tends to look on the bright side of life.



The best place for looking at the stars: The furthest beach with the least amount of people. Somewhere like Arambol Beach, Keri Beach, or Ashwin Beach.


Capricorn likes to take things slow and steady and you have a deep appreciation for cultures that have developed over millennia. Epic expeditions to ancient sites and monuments form the backbone of your travel schedule, so soak up the historical splendor at W Xi’an, which stand proud as two of the four great ancient capitals of China.



What to pack: Almost regal in the way you present yourself to the world, try on a travel wardrobe of tailored pieces and hi-luxe loungewear, in sumptuous fabrics and elemental, earthy tones.



Flavors to savor: Each meal is an occasion in and of itself for you, and you lean towards traditional dishes you’ve come to know and love. Take your time researching some of the oldest eateries in Xi’an.



2019 Adventure Mantra: “I surrender to wherever life wants to take me.”



That’s so Capricorn… Symbolized by the hardy mountain goat, Capricorn has more energy than any other sign to climb all the way to the top.


The best way to connect with nature in Xi’an: Taking time out from city life to travel.




A journey into outer space would be the ideal Aquarius getaway, as you thrive on journeying to the edge of the unknown as you envision a life of endless possibilities. For a taste of the future today, W Kuala Lumpur is an entry point to one of the fastest developing cities in the world.


What to pack: High-tech fabrics that keep you cool and dry, in your favorite white, silver, and icy blue tones, are a must for Kuala Lumpur’s tropical rainforest climate. Your signature style has a sci-fi feel, and neon accents and sculptural accessories mean you’ll feel right at home striding streets that have been paved with one eye on a pristine, box-fresh world.



Flavors to savor: Always on the hunt for fresh innovations, you’ll revel in the complexity of Malaysia’s multi-ethnic foodie roots. Fusing Malay, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and ethnic Bornean cuisines, with Thai, Portuguese, Dutch and British influences.



2019 Adventure Mantra: “I find fresh inspiration in each new destination.”



That’s so Aquarius… Ruled by Uranus, the planet of innovation and sudden change, Aquarius likes to live on the edge and shake up the status quo.



The best place to look for stars: Definitely up on the helipad in Menara KH.


The best place for people watching: W KL’s WETDECK!



Pisces has an imagination like no other sign, and you move through the world with an open heart and one foot in a fantasy of your own creation. Allow yourself to be transported by the romantic landscapes and soft-focus sunsets or W Bali—a picture-perfect portal to the place they call the Island of The Gods.


What to pack: Watercolor prints and the floatiest of fabrics in ombré shades of blue, violet, and turquoise. Your divinely creative eye and empathetic nature mean you gravitate towards looks that reflect your surroundings.



Flavors to savor: You love delicate flavor pairings, infused with a hint of the sea. Balinese cuisine blends Hindu, Chinese, and Indonesian influences, but with its own island touch.



2019 Adventure Mantra: “What I learn on the road boosts my authority back home.”



That’s so Pisces… Governed by Neptune, the mythical lord of the deep, Pisces have a strong intuition and an uncanny ability to swim “below the surface.”



The best place to look for stars: In Bali, it would be on Silence day (Nyepi)—a day at the beginning of March each year (during Pisces season!) when there’s no light at night time, everyone stays inside and there are no vehicles on the road.