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A blend of Portuguese tradition and Indian heritage makes Goa one of a kind.

Destination Guide Goa

When in Goa, You Must

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Neighborhoods to explore in Goa.

1. Assagao

Assagao is known as ‘Fullyanchem Gaon‘ or the flower village. Villagers here used to grow Marigold flower to sell in the famous Mapusa market.

2. Anjuna

Anjuna is a village located on the coast of North Goa. A Census Town, one of the twelve Brahmin Comunidades of Bardez. The village's name is derived from the Arabic word 'Hanjuman' meaning Merchant Guild. Some also say it comes from an Arabic word for "change" - as people used to arrive at Anjuna from the sea looking to change money.

3. Hilltop

The story began here 30 years ago at the time of the hippie heydays in Goa. Today, with its neon palm grove of glow-in-dark coconut trees, psychedelic art and its vast open playground for Goa's Spanerse party goers, Hill Top is arguably Goa's most revered fixture of its still prevalent trance scene.

4. Panjim

Panaji remains the most famous tourist destination in Goa, in terms of churches, carnivals and natural beauty. Being the capital city, it is the focal point of tourism in Goa. The town has some beautiful red-blue-green-yellow roofed buildings made in Portuguese Baroque style.

Ultimate Access to Goa


Pisco By The Beach

St Michael Vaddo, Flea Market, Anjuna, Goa 403509

Bright and airy, the restaurant is designed like a resort villa with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. Food at Pisco is much more than a meal- it's a treasure trove of memories, a journey for your taste buds, and a European experience.

The first of its kind, the menu transforms from day to night with the same core ingredients, but presented, flavored and served differently from noon to moon.


Farhad Mehta / Insider

You must try the Sambal Olek Stuffed and Baked Mud Crabs, Bbq Moroccan Beef Koftas and Citrus Feta Salad.



H.No 491, Bouta Waddo, Assagao, Goa 403507

Maai in Assagao blends traditional Portuguese design sensibilities with art, inspired by the rich spice history of Goa. The food menu is a delicious mix of small plates and curries, each of which celebrate the delicate flavors of Goa. Every dish is well thought-out and curated, keeping the heritage in mind, and thereby forming a masterpiece on your plate.

You have the best of everything here- the Signature Raw Banana Cutlets, Chorizo Hummus, Pepper Spiced Mutton, and Braised Piri Piri Clams. With awe-inspiring interiors, to breathtaking views of the sea, Maai is the ideal place to be while in Goa.


Farhad Mehta / Insider

Don't skip out on trying the Raw Banana Cutlets and Chorizo Hummus.



Rua 31 de Janeiro. Altinho Panaji, Goa 403001

After a memorable stint at the award-winning A Reverie, chef Pablo Miranda returns to his ancestral roots with António@31, in Fontainhas' Sao Tome neighbourhood. With reverberating Latin music and crowded community tables, the taverna is a throwback to what old Panjim used to be.


Farhad Mehta / Insider

You won't regret trying out their Southside Salmon and Creme Cheese Bagels!


Saz on the Beach

182/1, Gawdewada Rd, Morjim, Goa 403512

This one is for the Gucci Gang who love slick Ibiza-style sofas and order fancy cocktails with avo toasts and burrata ravioli.

Saz On The Beach is the perfect place to relax, order some Champagne and take some amazing Blue Marlin-esque photos for the gram.


Farhad Mehta / Insider

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don't want to miss this place.





House no. 1282 Gauwadi, Anjuna, Goa 403509

Talk of the most picturesque cafes in Goa and Babka will spring to your mind in a jiffy. This place is quite chic and elegantly designed, offering a host of French offerings. Just when you enter this cafe, you will be blown away by its classy decor featuring sophisticated furniture, plain white walls that are adorned with cutesy plants and lights, and beautiful flowers at all corners. We love how subtly this cafe plays with colours and simplicity rolled into one, making it an ideal choice to grab a soothing cup of coffee to detox after an intoxicating night.




Badem junction, Siolim Rd, North Goa, Assagao, Goa 403507

With the rustic & soothing ambience of a quaint little Goan bar, Down and Dirty is all about Hiphop on Thursday's - trust me you do not want to miss this.

Goa Essentials


Everything you need to make your trip to Goa a blast.

1. Sunglasses

Don’t forget to keep your eyes covered.

2. Shorts

Things heat up in Goa, so dress light.

3. T-Shirts

The heat and humidity in Goa is no joke. Be sure to always wear loose clothing.

4. Flip Flops

Make a statement but keep it casual with your sandals.

Spotted in Goa


Soro - The Village Pub

Badem junction, Siolim Rd

Come here for an array of fun events through the week: Wednesday’s jazz night, Saturday’s BBQ & Rock night, and a special Salsa Social on Sunday!



940, Market Rd

Inside a Portuguese style house, this Mediterranean gem is perfect for a relaxed meal in the garden.



Rua Cunha Riveria, Church Square

A restaurant & pub, this spot is a great place to lean back and watch the city nightlife unfold around you as you sit surrounded by gorgeous Portuguese architecture.

Martins Corner

Martins Corner

Binwaddo, Betalbatim, Salcette

Entertainment at its purest, this restaurant features a one-man-band daily and an exciting bar scene complete with an outdoor area.