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Costa Navarino

Costa Navarino, the prime sustainable destination in the Mediterranean.

Destination Guide Costa Navarino

When In Costa Navarino, You Must

Know Before You Go

Untouched by mass tourism, Costa Navarino is home to the first W Hotel in Greece. The hotel and local area is an intriguing mix of spas, water sports, outdoor pursuits, golf, and tennis, along with a variety of dining venues featuring local and international cuisine based on the region’s lush produce.


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Talk Like A Local

Know the slang of the city.

Πάμε παραλία

\ Pame Paralia \ dialect
It’s a beautiful day! Let’s go to the beach.
Ωραία μέρα! Πάμε παραλία.

Neighborhoods To Explore

1. Pylos

A picturesque coastal town with historic importance related to the famous naval Battle of Navarino in 1827 - a decisive turning point in the Greek War of Independence.


Greece’s southernmost major wetland, and a key stopover in the flyways of migratory birds, Gialova lagoon provides shelter to 271 out of the 442 registered bird species in Greece, and to the African chameleon, a unique species of reptile that changes skin color depending on its mood.


Built in 369 BC, is among the best-preserved city-states in Greece, featuring a sprawling stadium, an impressive agora, a small theater, temples, a Sanctuary of Asclepius, and the massive fortification walls stretching for 9km.


Built by the Venetians in the early 13th century, the Castle of Methoni is one of the most impressive medieval sites in Greece, and among the largest in the Mediterranean. Stretching over a headland jutting into the sea, the immense fortress reveals Methoni’s glorious past, with the lion of Saint Mark, the symbol of the city of Venice, dominating the castle’s main gate.

Ultimate Access To Costa Navarino




The most Instagrammable beach in the area, and one the best beaches in the world, according to “The Times.” Voidokilia is famous for its distinct shape; in Greek, it means “ox belly” but is also known as Omega beach, resembling the Greek letter omega. It is a sheltered bay with soft sand and is an idyllic swimming and sunbathing spot.


Niki Poulopoulou / Insider

Climb up the hill to Nestor’s cave and “Palaiokastro” (old castle) ruins for panoramic views of Voidokilia’s turquoise waters.



Navarino Bay, Costa Navarino

This spectacular destination offers a world-class golf experience with 4 signature golf courses in a 13-km radius. The Bay Course, right next to W Costa Navarino, is designed by the legendary Robert Trent Jones Jr. and provides a fun and challenging play for golfers of all levels, together with panoramic sea and mountain views and 2 holes playing along the historic bay of Navarino.


Niki Poulopoulou / Insider

Take a break between tees at Ted's Lounge of Bay Clubhouse. Earth-sheltered and almost invisible to the eye, you can only see the Clubhouse and realize its dynamic, innovative design when you reach the entrance.


Navarino Vineyards

Mouzaki, Messinia

One of the most fun and authentic Messinian celebrations is the wine grape harvest. People of all ages come together each year to gather and press the grapes in Costa Navarino’s vineyards at Mouzaki.


Niki Poulopoulou / Insider

After helping to hand-pick the grapes, you will be invited to join in the merriment of the old-fashioned method of grape-stomping, before tasting a selection of fine local wines and delicacies.


Mouratoglou Tennis Center Costa Navarino

Navarino Dunes, Costa Navarino

Train like global tennis stars at Europe's first “Mouratoglou Tennis Center.” With state-of-the-art facilities and a total of 16 floodlit courts of all types, Mouratoglou Tennis Center Costa Navarino offers top-class training to players of all ages and levels through private and group sessions and signature Mouratoglou Academy programs, under the instruction of experienced Mouratoglou trained coaches.


Niki Poulopoulou / Insider

Here, you will have the chance to play the only natural grass court in Greece!