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Dubai – Mina Seyahi

A luxury adults-only gateway for expats & locals seeking new discoveries & great vibes.

Dubai – Mina Seyahi

Destination Guide Dubai – Mina Seyahi

When In Dubai, You Must

Know Before You Go

Mina Seyahi is a luxury adults-only gateway for expats & locals seeking new discoveries & is always buzzing with energy, opportunity & great vibes.

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Talk Like a Local

Learn the slang from the city.

‎Yal-lā يلا

Frequently used by all nationalities in the Middle East to mean that you want something to happen or want things to keep moving along.
‎Yal-lā, let’s go

Neighborhoods to Explore

1. Bastakiya Quarter (Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood)

Take a stroll along the Creek and explore the Bastakiya quarter, the oldest standing residential area of Dubai. First established at the end of the 19th century by rich textile and pearl merchants from Bastak, Iran, today the Bastik Quarter or Fahidi neighborhood is a maze of old-world wonders.

2. Downtown Dubai

With icons like the world-famous Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall and Dubai Fountain, Downtown Dubai has plenty of wow-factor for visitors. But along with luxury retail, phenomenal architecture and swanky five-star hotels, the district also has an urban community feel thanks to its pedestrian-friendly design.

3. JBR

Situated along Dubai Marina, JBR is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, with its sandy beach, outdoor cafes, shops, and a lively atmosphere.

4. Jumeirah

Known for its beautiful beachfront properties and luxurious villas, Jumeirah is an upscale residential area with tree-lined streets and a relaxed atmosphere. Sharing it with Madinat Jumeirah a mini city where you can find cafés, theatre, upscale restaurants & a river to avoid the crowds through water.

Ultimate Access

The Nice Guy

The Nice Guy

Sheikh Zayed Road, Ground Level, The Boulevard, Emirates Towers

Everyone loves a nice guy, and what about 'The Nice Guy' restaurant!? This place has successfully captured the playful and laid-back Italian vibe, transforming it into a stylish venue.


Ashod Khanoian / Insider

Live entertainment is offered every weekend, and the Live Band & Dj adds to the charm of this establishment



DIFC Pavilion

When you are in the city, you have to try Amazónico! They've got a classy first-floor dining spot with a cool terrace and awesome views. And if you're feeling chill, there's a laid-back Lounge on the ground floor with AC patios.


Ashod Khanoian / Insider

Don't forget the Rooftop – it's tropical paradise with DJ jams from 6pm to 3am every day!


Dubai Street Art: City Walk

Dubai Street

Take a leisurely stroll through the futuristic cityscape of Downtown Dubai, where art seamlessly blends with style. Explore the 'Art Walls' and immerse yourself in an evening of live entertainment. Alternatively, treat your senses to the diverse culinary offerings of this renowned destination.


Ashod Khanoian / Insider

My personal favorite is Vandal. I adore Dubai, particularly Nick Walker's 'I Love Dubai' artwork. Be sure to join the club and capture a memorable photo next to this remarkable city feature!

Nara Escapes

Nara Escapes

Al Ain Road, Margham Gate

Nara pushes the boundaries of the traditional desert experience by elevating the entire journey.


Ashod Khanoian / Insider

Whether you seek sunset drinks in a luxury Arabian Nights style amidst the mystical Dubai desert or a 12-course fine dining menu paired with a breathtaking show, Nara should unquestionably be your first choice.


SEVA Experience


SEVA Experience

SEVA Experience is about knowing that what you do matters on this planet — and that service to others can come in many unique forms. Each one of us can boldly step into the responsibility of uplifting others and sharing our abundance with the world. SEVA Experience is about acknowledging that the destination is never the goal, and never has been, it is the journey, and it always has been. You are the journey.

Electric Pawn Shop


Electric Pawn Shop

A hedonist, exotic, dystopian counterculture Asian bar & restaurant inspired by 70s Chinatown of New York. As to be expected from a secret bar, the entrance isn’t easy to find. Head behind the entryway to Sky5 Lounge by the main road where the neon green glow of its sign written in Hong Kong Mandarin dialect will lead the way – but once you’re inside, it will be worth the search. Expect Asian fusion fare, innovative mixed drinks and a roster of some of the best DJs in the biz.

Dubai Essentials

Dubai Packing Guide

1. Sunglasses

Match your outfits with the perfect pair of eyewear & take Dubai’s brightness

2. Dress

Get ready to set the scene and be ready for any upcoming moment

3. Hat

Sun and heat is not a joke in Dubai, so better be protected

4. Comfortable but chic sneakers

Stroll around the city in style and your feet will thank you.