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Shanghai is China's face of the future.

Destination Guide Shanghai

When in Shanghai, You Must

Know Before You Go

Sip, snack, socialize. Come alive in Woobar, where life is a cabaret, a daytime playground, a music bar, a cozy studio, or anything you want it to be.


Live It Up

Talk Like a Local

Learn the slang from the streets.

嗲 Dia

/'Diē/ adj.
Absolutely amazing or incredible; typically used to describe a stunning woman.
That girl is 'dia' 嗲 — and she knows it, too.

Neighborhoods to Explore

Beyond the architectural grandeur of The Bund and the ultra-modern Pudong skyline, Shanghai recedes to a more intimate scale. From the French Concession’s leafy streets to the timeless restaurants and storefronts in Xintiandi, this city has it all.

1. French Concession

The residential architecture is classical European, and the streets are lined with stately trees. There's an unending stream of cafés, bars and boutiques, making this neighborhood the ideal place for a leisurely stroll.

2. Jing’an

The name Jing’an comes from a golden Buddhist temple, but the area feels more like a shrine to commerce and luxury goods. It's time to go shopping.

3. Xintiandi

One of the city’s newest districts, refurbished to house swanky restaurants and luxury boutiques that cater to tourists and upper-crest locals.

4. The Bund

The bund faces the famous skyline of Pudong. The neighborhood's timeless architecture now plays home to nightclubs, gourmet restaurants, and luxury brands.

W Shanghai - The Bund
No.66 Lvshun Road Shanghai

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Xixi Bistro

No. 16, Lane 181 Taicang Rd

An homage to the glamour of 1930s Shanghai, gone slightly off-kilter. This two-story restaurant boasts a unique menu, part-Chinese, part-Italian.

W Shanghai insider

Stephanie Hsu / Insider

A must try dish is the bruschetta. Instead of bread, they use zhi fan gao (a typical Shanghainese crispy rice) with different toppings from salmon to prosciutto and mozzarella.

shanghai coffee shops

Paras Coffee

No. 55 Shaanxi Nan Lu

This café boasts a stunning, stripped-down interior with coffees roasted in-house.

W Shanghai insider

Nicole Monsanto / Insider

The orange juice coffee fizz is a Paras speciality, perfect for muggy Shanghai summers.

Culture Matters

Culture Matters Shoes Shop

No. 15–20 Dongping Rd, near Hengshan Rd

In the days of Mao, Shanghainese shoe brand Feiyue was ubiquitous before falling out of favor as a wave of Western consumerism gripped the country. But now the white canvas sneaker has enjoyed a revival in popularity. In fact, they're favored by hipsters and considered China’s answer to Converse.

W Shanghai insider

Stephanie Hsu / Insider

You can even get them personalized with any design of your choice. Makes for a perfect gift.


shanghai dance clubs



685 Dingxi Lu

Smash is a chilled-out danceclub with daily house parties. Groove to Mando-pop hits and disco music.

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