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W Algarve

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DJ Tennis


Founder and A&R of Life and Death, Manfredi Romano is an eclectic DJ and fine chef who grew up managing punk bands and organizing leftfield music events. As a performer, Tennis valiantly showcases an astute ability to create intimacy in even the vastest of gatherings.


LP Giobbi

With her distinctive blend of live piano loops, high-energy beats, and achingly beautiful melodies, producer, DJ, pianist, entrepreneur, and activist LP Giobbi is one of electronic music’s fastest-rising stars. Giobbi is the co-founder and face of FEMMEHOUSE–a non-profit educational platform that seeks to create equitable opportunities for women and other marginalized gender expressions in the technical areas of music creation.


Phil & Derek (Cercle)

Derek Barbolla and Phillip Tuchmann created Cercle, a live-streaming media platform, designed to promote artists and venues. They film and broadcast DJ sets/live performances in unusual places. The prime goal of Cercle is to showcase cultural heritage sites and landmarks through the prism of electronic music and video.



A Lisbon-based DJ, musician and producer, Moullinex has a versatile sound. From melancholic electronic textures to exuberant house and disco, his productions have seen him being praised by his peers and audiences globally.



Xinobi is part of a generation that grew up within the era of Do It Yourself ethics. From albums to EPs and collaborations, he has the ability to re-arrange amazing music into a whole new universe.


Yen Sung

Yen Sung is a pioneer of Portuguese dance music and has been a vital presence in Lisbon’s house scene since the early 90s. At a time when it was still uncommon for women to command the dancefloor behind the decks, Yen became a symbol of fierce determination and undeniable taste for a new generation of Lisbon clubbers and DJs.


Da Chick

Portuguese singer, songwriter and producer, is constantly evolving in search freedom and new ways to express her vision and creativity. From Electro to Disco, from Boogie to Dub, from singing to producing music, she is on a long journey through her music and soul.

W Algarve Map

Algarve Map


Attire for the week is beach-chic. Fitness attire will be needed for the La Meta Magic Mornings.