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Welcome to the fastest-growing city in China.

Destination Guide Suzhou

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When in Suzhou, You Must

Know Before You Go

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Take the Dive

Talk Like a Local

Learn the slang from the streets.

你好 Nǐ hǎo

[Nei][hæv] exclamation
Nǐ hǎo, nice to meet you!

Neighborhoods to Explore

Suzhou downtown is best explored on foot to experience all of the modern and traditional elements of the city.

1. Pingjiang Road

Despite being touristy, it’s a must-do in Suzhou. The street is lined with tea houses and local opera theaters.

2. Shantang Street

Shantang Street is mentioned several times in Chinese literature classics for its special importance to Suzhou culture.

3. Fengmeng Street

A perfect street to experience the local life. Get a taste of lively markets and tasty street snacks.

Ultimate Access to Suzhou

Leshang Kart Club

Leshang Kart Club

No.299 Xing Long St

Go-karting in Suzhou will make you feel like a international Grand Prix champion.

Hazel Lu

Hazel Lu / Insider

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Jinji Lake Shilla Hotel Block C , 2F, Modern Plaza, Wang Dun Rd

CHOC+ presents traditional Chinese cuisine with modern aesthetics. With seasonal offerings, the chef’s menu is a must-have.

Hazel Lu

Hazel Lu / Insider

Reach out to me or Whatever/Whenever to make a reservation for you, we'll make sure you're well taken care of.

Pâtisserie des Alpes

Pâtisserie des Alpes

Xinghan St. 188, Suzhou Industrial Park

A traditional French bakery, just around the corner from W Suzhou.

Hazel Lu

Hazel Lu / Insider

Show your W room key and receive a complimentary financier (a traditional French pastry) with purchases over 50 CNY.

Suzhou Royal Yacht Company Limited

Suzhou Royal Yacht Company Limited

168 Xinggang St

Sailing the waters surrounding Suzhou is an exotic experience unlike any other.

Hazel Lu

Hazel Lu / Insider

Choose from luxury yachts, nimble sailboats, or high-speed jet skis. Just contact me.


Crazy Rush


Crazy Rush

211-212 International Building #2 Suzhou Dadao Xi

The first workout studio in Suzhou to specialize in CrossFit and personal or small group training.

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