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A smiling paradise with amazing street food and hospitable people.

Destination Guide Taipei

When In Taipei, You Must

Know Before You Go

Toast to the bright lights of a sprawling Taipei skyline from the 31st floor
of W Taipei.


Going Up?

Local Talk

Learn the slang from the city.

讚 Zan

/'zàn/ adj.
5Beer is one of the most zan drinks served at W Taipei

Neighborhoods to Explore

Taipei is the densest and modern city in Taiwan. These are three of my favorite neighborhoods, full of things to do and people to meet.

1. Da Tung District

This area was a trading port and now hosts the most popular retail shops. It's also a focal point during the Chinese New Year celebration.

2. Wan Hua District

Here you'll find historic and iconic buildings. It's also a flourishing creative scene for younger generations.

3. Zhongshan District

This district is a hotspot for hipsters on the hunt for munchies or drinking dens.

W Taipei
10 Zhongxiao East Road Sec. 5

Ultimate Access to Taipei

SoShow Bar & Restaurant

SoShow Bar & Restaurant

2F, No. 47, Sec. 1, Zhongshan N. Rd

Be amazed by its creative cocktails inspired by Taiwanese culture and spirit along with a variety of local bites, you shouldn’t miss this secret place to indulge in night of Taipei city.


Josh Lu / Insider

Follow the cocktails map in their menu and travel around Taiwan! What’s your next stop?


Da Dao Cheng Bike Station

Mingseng West Rd

Fuel the day by biking along the Tamsui River. Bicycles are easily accessible at bike rental stations and can be rented simply with an Easy Travel Card.


Josh Lu / Insider

Ride from Da Dao Cheng to Tamsui during sunset for an awe-inspiring experience.

Cinema Park Graffiti Wall

Cinema Park Graffiti Wall

Ln. 96, Kunming St

Ximending is a hot shopping district. Kunming Street, in particular, is a creative center point where artists show off their imagination on the Cinema Park Graffiti Wall.


Josh Lu / Insider

Don’t forget to charge your phone. This street art is Instagram-ready.



No. 4, Ln. 17, Chifeng St

Xiaoqi+G carries imported goods from Japan ranging from home goods to fashion apparel and accessories. It's a one-stop-shop.


Josh Lu / Insider

Xiaoqi has six stores just on Chifeng Street. Try to hit them all!

Either / Or




Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A4, 2F

Cleanse your system. All-veggie dishes are freshly made with locally grown produce.




No. 83, Sec. 2, Keelung Rd

Classic Asian décor and a special cocktail menu make this place an exotic escape.

Spotted in Taipei



No. 174, Section 2, Dunhua S. Rd

Longtail is a neighborhood gathering place that embodies the sophisticated yet relaxed Taipei lifestyle with great food and drinks.


Uranium Cafe

No. 32, Lane 253, Section 1, Fuxing S. Rd

Anything can happen at Uranium, a trendy café that combines art, creativity, and lifestyle.



No. 6, Ln. 238, Sec. 1, Dunhua S. Rd

One of the most popular tailors in Taipei, Styder offers suits with high quality materials and delicate craftsmanship.



Breeze Nanshan B2

HiWalk is a well known Taiwanese handmade egg rolls brand that is super popular among locals.