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Dive into the action in the heart of Thailand.

Destination Guide Bangkok

When in Bangkok, You Must

Know Before You Go

Customers should review local government guidance to confirm eligibility to travel and stay at the hotel. All travelers to Thailand are required to have prepaid hotel bookings, airport transfer and RT-PCR tests following the "Test & Go" program guidelines. Please contact the hotel for more information.


Travel With Confidence

Talk Like a Local

Learn the slang from the streets.

Fin ver

/fin/ - /'vēr/ adj.
Very satisfying
This bowl of Tom Yum Koong is fin ver!

Neighborhoods to Explore

The possibilities are endless in Bangkok.

1. Sathorn

Sathorn is the area for hip bars, clubs and eateries, ranging from street food to Michelin-starred restaurants.

2. Bangkok Old Town

Old Town is where you can find authentic Thai food enjoyed by locals, vintage fashion, and architectural designs that take us back in time.

3. Ari

Ari is lined with food trucks, café, fusion restaurants, creative shopping stores, outdoor spaces, and cocktail bars. It's a must visit if you want to shop, eat, and feast like a local hipster.

W Bangkok
Location106 North Sathorn Rd

Ultimate Access to Bangkok


The Commons Saladaeng

126 Sala Daeng 1 Alley

The Commons just opened its second branch in Saladaeng, offering lifestyle shops, restaurants, and new vibes to our neighborhood.


W Hotels / Insider

You will love this semi open-air space and your four-legged friends will, too.



16 Nakhon Kasem 5 Alley

Expect the unexpected when you go to Caravana, the 'speakeasy' coffee bar in Charoen Krung. Situated in the former rope-making shophouse, Caravana serves an impressive variety of caffeinated drinks and homemade bakery.


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Try their 'Prince Hazel', a perfect combination of chocolate, espresso shot and a bit of brandy. #WCocktailCulture Alert!

Either / Or



Paco Bangkok

Sukhumvit 49/9 Alley, Klongton Nua, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

If you're looking for a yummy healthy snack, head to Paco Bangkok to fuel up. You will love the shop design as much as their açaí bowls.



Beam Club

72 Courtyard, Thong Lor

The club offers a more minimal, warehouse style experience that keeps things authentically underground.

Packing List

bangkok packing list

1. Sunglasses

It’s always summer in Bangkok so a pair of sunglasses is a must!

2. Umbrella or Raincoat

It could rain any day in Bangkok. Show off a chic raincoat or put up an umbrella as a fashion statement.

3. Cool trousers

When in Bangkok, there is probably at least one cultural spot on your bucket list. Check before going, shorts might be a no-no.

4. Mask or face covering

Last but not least, don’t forget your face mask, darling!

Spotted in Bangkok

bangkok tourism

Legend Thai Boxing

66 North-Sathorn

Kick it up a notch with Muay Thai kickboxing classes to keep your mind and body fit and flexible while traveling.

Tep Bar

Tep Bar

69-71 Soi Rammitri

Come nightfall, enjoy your meal while Thai musicians take the stage to play traditional music from the central region.

bangkok tourism

ERR Urban Rustic Thai

394/35 Maharaj Rd

This restaurant menu focuses on in-house preserved food naturally made from quality Thai ingredients that utilizes several Asian influences.

bangkok tourism

31 Thanwa

W Bangkok

Inside this boutique you’ll find handbags with thoughtful and eye-catching details.