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Dive into the action in the heart of Thailand.

Destination Guide Bangkok

When in Bangkok, You Must

Know Before You Go

Meet DJ Orawan, house DJ and music curator at W Bangkok. Sharing the stage over the last decade with titans like Gorillaz and Deadmau5, Orawan has become a legend in her own right across the Pacific.

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Hit the Decks

Talk Like a Local

Learn the slang from the streets.

Fin ver

/fin/ - /'vēr/ adj.
Very satisfying
This plate of Tom Yum Koong is fin ver!

Neighborhoods to Explore

The possibilities are endless in Bangkok.

1. Sathorn

Sathorn is the latest area for hip bars, clubs and eateries, ranging from street food to Michelin-stared restaurants.

2. Bangkok Old Town

Old Town is where you can find authentic Thai food enjoyed by locals, vintage fashion, and architectural designs that take us back in time.

3. Aree

Aree is lined with food trucks, coffee shops, fusion restaurants, creative shopping stores, outdoor spaces, and cocktail bars. It's a must visit if you want to shop, eat, and feast.

W Bangkok
Location106 North Sathorn Rd

Ultimate Access to Bangkok

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Vogue Lounge

Mahanakorn Building

A new destination for the fine dining, classic cocktails, and contemporary music. The food is presented as bite-sized servings, created by Michelin award-winning chef Vincent Thierry.

Nicole Nip

Nicole Nip / Insider

Be there from 5-9pm to enjoy Fashion Hours with buy-one-get-one-free select cocktails.

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Blue Parrots

Sathorn Soi 10

Blue Parrots is the new tropical escape in the city. It takes a more family and friends oriented route with western BBQ. A great spot to chillax by the pool.

Nicole Nip

Nicole Nip / Insider

Bring trunks and towel in case you want to jump into the pool after getting a little boozy.

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Sing Sing Theater

Sukhumvit 45

SING SING is a vintage theatre with a modern twist. Visitors are captured by a mysterious and sensual atmosphere where the architectural interior design mimics an ancient courtyard theater.

Nicole Nip

Nicole Nip / Insider

Sunday nights go late with DJ Yvan Polge on the beats.


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Verita Health

Mahanakorn Building

Get back your energy and glow after a long night out, with fast and effective therapies offering immediate relief.

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Beam Club

72 Courtyard Building

The club offers a more minimal, warehouse style experience that keeps things authentically underground.

Spotted in Bangkok

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Legend Thai Boxing

66 North-Sathorn

Kick it up a notch with Muay Thai kickboxing classes to keep your mind and body fit and flexible while traveling.

Tep Bar

Tep Bar

69-71 Soi Rammitri

Come nightfall, enjoy your meal while Thai musicians take the stage to play traditional music from the central region.

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ERR Urban Rustic Thai

394/35 Maharaj Rd

This restaurant menu focuses on in-house preserved food naturally made from quality Thai ingredients that utilizes several Asian influences.

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31 Thanwa

W Bangkok

Inside this boutique you’ll find handbags with thoughtful and eye-catching details.