Trip Swap: W Aspen with Amy Marietta and Thania Peck

Trip Swap Trip Swap: W Aspen with Amy Marietta and Thania Peck

To kick off the launch of our Trip Swap Instagram series, we checked in with content creators Amy Marietta and Thania Peck. They recently took a friends’ trip to W Aspen, at the recommendation of digital creator Kehinde Smith. Check out their video on Instagram now, and read about their Coloradan adventure, below!

W Aspen
W Aspen

Hi Amy, hey Thania. Please tell us a bit about yourselves, what you do, and your favorite thing about traveling.


Amy: Hi! My name is Amy Marietta. I’m a content creator based in Los Angeles, and my favorite thing about traveling is experiencing new cultures, creating new memories, and making new friends. I love the way travel opens up my mind.


Thania: My name is Thania Peck, and I’m a digital content creator and sustainability advisor based in New York City. My favorite thing about traveling is getting a glimpse into another way of life on this beautiful earth, discovering myself along the way, getting to share it with my best friends, and creating irreplaceable memories.


2020 and 2021 have been rough for those with wanderlust. What did you miss the most about travel, and why?


Thania: What I missed most about traveling is the smells of different cities, the food, the sounds, the music, the culture, the adventures, interacting with local people, dancing in the streets, and living in the moment. I guess you could say I missed all the components of traveling! It builds our character. I think it also made me realize how much I still haven’t explored.


Amy: I missed experiencing hotels, for sure, and just walking around new places. I also missed the sense of adventure and not really knowing where the day will take you.

W Aspen
W Aspen

Tell us about your joint trip to W Aspen. What was the most surprising thing, after not being able to vacation as easily as we once did?


Amy: I think the most surprising part for me was how perfectly located and central the hotel was. I loved being able to ride W Aspen’s bikes into town to explore the unique shops and restaurants. The freedom of it all!


Thania: Honestly, the keyless check-in on arrival with the Marriott Bonvoy app was excellent. Aspen was quaint, quiet. I agree with Amy on the biking, that was a highlight. Also, something we found convenient was W Aspen’s car service to and from where we needed to go. We took it to base camps for hikes, and out to dinner on the town. Plus: I am a huge fan of W’s beds, so I was happy to be cozied up when the day was done!

W Aspen

When you were at the hotel, what were some highlights? What was exciting to experience in a hotel, again?


Thania:  Amy and I did a few fun food reviews. One morning we ate breakfast and sunbathed poolside. That was incredibly relaxing. On another night, we ordered room service, a small luxury, but I missed it all the same! The food was off the charts delicious. We found the outside spaces pleasant, and most of them had a picturesque backdrop of the stunning mountain range. Aspen is a magical, majestic place. I think about it, and it calms my mind.


Amy: The rooftop pool is epic, and the Living Room had breathtaking views of the mountains. It has one of the most beautiful backdrops I’ve seen for a restaurant.

W Aspen

For 2022, do you have any new travel hacks?


Thania: I have a jacket that turns into a pillow. I always have my hand sanitizer, my favorite snacks, and a comfortable mask. I also like bringing toner and moisturizer for my face because my face gets super dry on airplanes.


Amy: Always pack extra hand sanitizer, and get TSA pre-check. People are traveling again, and the lines can be long! You want to minimize your time spent at the airport.


For more about Amy and Thania, follow them on Instagram at @amy_marietta and @catherinthestyle