French Muralist Lucas Beaufort Paints His Thoughts

Visual Interview French Muralist Lucas Beaufort Paints His Thoughts

Lucas Beaufort approaches painting the same way he skateboards – with energy, precision, and fearlessness. Traveling around the world to paint murals and skate rails, this French-born artist is always inspired by the cultures around him, creating scenes of abstract figures tangled in the hustle and bustle of a city. Some of these city-inspired murals can be seen at W Hotels around the world, from the tall walls of W Bangkok to the windows of W Los Angeles to designing elements of W Singapore… and many more to come in 2019.

Beaufort chilling in front of his WET Deck mural at W Koh Samui.

We asked Beaufort to answer our questions in the ways he knows best – through his colorful, energetic, and ready-for-anything painting style.

What elements of culture inspire you the most?

I'm inspired by the skate culture. I've been skating since I was a little kid and still enjoy it now.

What do you dream about while traveling?

Not a day without dreaming of painting something new.

What Fuels You?

All the surfaces that can be painted. No limit to imagination.

Where or what can you not wait to explore?

The Maldives is a dream place that I cannot wait to visit again.

What is your travel spirit animal?

Birds are always represented in my characters. They represent the freedom of going everywhere, anytime.
Lucas painting W Kuala Lumpur's design-forward W sign.
Over at W Koh Samui Lucas's design is understated but bold.
W Bali's Lucas mural is big and bright... just like the city around it!