Workout on the Road with Tiffany Soi

Fit Tips Workout on the Road with Tiffany Soi

If you’re traveling as much as fitness star and TV personality Tiffany Soi, you know that a workout routine doesn’t stop when you’re on the road. In fact, being able to adjust to different surroundings is part of Tiffany’s savvy spirit, especially with her busy schedule teaching her ClimbFlow yoga-fitness workouts, filming her moves for the world to see on her DIVA TV Asia shows, #TBreaks with Tiffany & #YogaCaturdays, and hosting classes on her FUEL tour from W Bangkok to W Koh Samui.

From crunches at bus stops to lunges in hotel rooms, we caught up with the multi-dimensional fitness guru to learn how she stays fit while traveling around Thailand and the 5 best workouts you can do anywhere.


What influenced you to develop your specific workout?


Tiffany Soi: ClimbFlow is all about elevating you mentally & physically – and allowing for us to bring strength & softness together. It is a pioneering fusion of dynamic yoga sequencing and functional fitness movement. It was a natural progression born out of the culmination of my experience as a former Olympic training gymnast, my last 10 years as a competitive climber, my yoga and movement therapy training, and my time working with personal trainers and rehabilitation specialists. The movement is for full body strength & mobility, injury prevention, but very importantly mental release & focus. It’s also a lot of fun and we take some of the seriousness out of keeping fit and yoga – it’s meant to make you feel good and laugh.



What are some tips for keeping up a workout routine while traveling?


TS: I have a few key accessible exercises that you know you can do anywhere without any equipment – just a floor, or using whatever furniture might be available wherever you are staying. I also believe it’s about maintaining mobility not just strength and that can be really simple movement. When I am traveling, it’s my hips that get the tight fastest from all that sitting. I try to get up AS much as possible (not always easy when you’re in a car) but to take regular breaks to get up and walk. If I am flying, I walk around A LOT, and will do stretches in the back galleys & aisles if I need to – I don’t care who thinks it looks silly, it’s my health! Truthfully though it usually encourages other people to do the same



What inspires you about Bangkok? What about Koh Samui?


TS: The food! It’s the best food in the world. There is an energy & flow that permeates everything here – it’s so dynamic and pulsing yet simultaneously there is another level of fluidity & grace that allows everything to happen amongst the buzz. I am always my most creative in Bangkok. There is something in the spirit here that will always soothe my soul and set alight my creativity – I feel so connected to my Thai heritage.


As for Koh Samui – what isn’t there to say about the beautiful beaches and sea as a perfect escape? Nature is absolutely luscious but there is still plenty of vibrant nightlife to dip into and of course, more amazing food.


How do your workouts change between the two locations?


TS: I try to keep things balanced between high energy & restoration – both are important. Bangkok definitely encourages energetic movements, but I make sure to have dedicated time for stretching, for meditation in order to bring stillness & clarity to the high energy vibe. There is definitely an added level of serenity that comes with being close to the sea and sun in Samui, and that can inspire a slower rhythm to my movements and bring everything to a very gentle flow. That being said when things get too chill I always enjoy a bit of amplified energy with some pull-ups and handstands wherever I go.



What’s your favorite way to relax and let loose when you are in Thailand?


TS: To eat lots and lots of food with my family & friends, go cafe hoping to write, muse, people watch. If I am in Krabi then it’s the best combination of climbing the most scenic rocks in gorgeous nature, and spending time on some of the most beautiful beaches I know as I watch the sun go down. Climbing & beach time is essentially heaven on earth to me.

On the Road Work Outs

Downward Dog split to Elbow taps (wide, twist, & nose)

Best place to do it: Hotel room/gym


What you need to do it: A floor/mat


Body part that it works out: Whole body, plus core focus



1. Start in downward facing dog. Inhale and lift right leg up to split.

2. Exhale. Sweep right knee to right elbow (as in plank) and float here.

3. Inhale back to split, exhale to sweep knee to opposite elbow for a twist

4. Inhale back to split, exhale to bring knee to your nose as you lean forward.

5. Inhale, go back to split, exhale, put your foot down, and repeat on left side.

Supported lizard pose

Best place to do it: Hotel room using elevated surface


What you need to do it: Bed/sofa


Body part that it works out: A stretch to release the hip flexor muscles and open the hips



1. Place hands on the edge of a bed or sofa.

2. Step right foot up outside of right hand.

3. Tuck tailbone under and sink into lunge stretch

4. Breathe here for a few counts, allowing hips to stretch. You can press right hand on right inner thigh to gently increase stretch.

5. Change to left side and repeat.

Single leg raise

Best place to do it while on the road: Anywhere!


What you need to do it: Floor


Body part that it works out: Legs – quads, glutes, calves etc.



1. Start in a lunge, right leg forward.

2. Inhale, engage your core and tuck your tailbone.

3. Exhale, drive forward through your right leg to draw your left knee up towards horizontal height (for added bonus, try hopping at the end!)

4. Inhale. Return back to lunge with control.

5. Repeat 6 times and switch to the left side.

Bicycle crunches

Best place to do it: Anywhere you can lay down


What you need to do it: Floor, mat for padding if needed


Body part that it works out: Core!



1. Lay on back, knees bent, with tailbone tucked under.

2. Press your lower back into the floor, and bring hands to rest behind ears.

3. Bend right knee to chest, extend left leg out at 45-degree angle off the floor.

4. Twist your left elbow across to meet right knee, contracting space.

5. Twist to opposite side, switching legs/knees. Repeat 20 times.

Warrior 2 & Side Angle

Best place to do it: Anywhere.


What you need to do it: Free space.


Body part that it works out: Great for both grounding and bringing focus, as well as strengthening legs and core



1. Start in Warrior 2. Line front heel up with back arch of your foot. Stack knee over ankle so knee follows line of foot. Arms parallel to floor. Breathe for 10.

2. Inhale, tip torso back to lunge back. Open side body & exhale to side angle.

3. Rest front forearm on thigh, sweep back arm overhead & breathe. Gently look to ceiling for 10. 

4. Return to Warrior 2. Practice on both sides.

5. Twist to opposite side, switch legs/knees. Repeat 20 times.