W Nashville: Local Flare, Global Allure

Design In Focus W Nashville: Local Flare, Global Allure

W Nashville (which recently opened in the city’s Gulch neighborhood) hits all the high notes, with no small measure of Southern hospitality to boot.

Our Nashville home was built with a familial ethos in mind: a Music City social hub that appeals to visitors and Nashvillians alike. Here, we want locals to feel at home—and guests to feel like locals.


A big part of this comes to life through W Nashville’s design. From multiple eateries and bars to plenty of outdoor social spaces to our six street level entrances, our entire look was dreamt up to be reflective of Nashville’s endless charms and talents.

W Nashville

For one, there are the Spanish Steps. This open-air focal point brings a city block feel to W Nashville. The steps connect the WET Deck to our Living Room bar, ensuring that the party flows seamlessly from day-to-night. The Spanish Steps function as a visual anchor for W Nashville, and were imagined to complement to the city’s ever-moving energy.

W Nashville

Upon walking into the hotel, you’ll find the Living Room. In particular, there’s an illuminated scrim gracing the bar. It’s a custom-made piece that reinterprets a Tennessean woodland painting from the 1600’s, blending the area’s natural features with an ultra-modern touch. Kick back and relax in this intimate space, perhaps over a bespoke whiskey cocktail while listening to live performances by local artists.

W Nashville

Then, as you make your way to your guest room or the rooftop, you may notice a unique aspect in the elevators. Each lift at W Nashville boasts custom leather wall panels, which have been cut-and-etched with country music motifs à la guitar picks and roses. These brilliant artworks were created by one of Nashville’s very own leathercrafters: Joseph Verzilli of Lockeland Leatherworks.

W Nashville

It’s decision time: Are you heading to your guestroom or to the roof for a nightcap?


In your room, you’ll find custom artworks by FAILE, a Brooklyn-based collaborative entity between Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller. Their Pop Art verve captures Nashville’s musical, multifaceted vibe, adding a visual twang to your chamber.

W Nashville Room

And, if the latter, be sure to stop and check out Jim Marshall’s rock-’n’-roll portraiture in the corridor outside of the elevator bank. Marshall is known as a “godfather” of musical photography. His snap, say, of Jerry Garcia swinging around a glass of wine, is a perfect accent atop this exciting property. Whether stopping by or flying in, W Nashville strikes an unforgettable design chord, and sets the tone for hospitality in Music City.


W Nashville’s public spaces and guestrooms were realized by the Rockwell Group, while its exterior was completed by HKS Architecture.