Pushing Mediums with Artist Fahad Al Obaidly

Visual Interview Pushing Mediums with Artist Fahad Al Obaidly

A canvas splashed with vibrant color. A double image portrait like a desert mirage. A traditional Qatari coat, painted with a bold, avant-garde pattern. For Doha based fashion designer, artist, and filmmaker, Fahad Al-Obaidly, true inspiration is never bound by one medium.

“Each one of these mediums has a different level of me. My life, my journey,” says Fahad during his solo art show at W Doha’s Art 29 Gallery, where the artist known for his unique and boundary-pushing fashion designs showcased a sprawling body of work from photography to paintings. “Fashion is my public face, films are my truth, and art, my purest emotions.”


Since this multi-faceted artist is never restricted by medium, we wanted to challenge Fahad to answer our questions without words, using only his artwork to tell his story.

What is your escape?


What is your power animal?


What inspires you?


What was your first memory?


What was your last dream?


What fuels you?