Frith Street Tattoo Talks in Pictures

Visual Interview Frith Street Tattoo Talks in Pictures

W London – Leicester Square recently opened up The Perception, an aptly titled hotspot overlooking the buzzing streets of Soho below. Keeping alive the spirit of the neighborhood, The Perception is equal parts buzzy English pub and sophisticated cocktail counter. The lounge offers a true signature of London with furnishings like bespoke leather sofas that were tattooed by Soho’s iconic Frith Street Tattoo studio. The artists of Frith Street meticulously detailed the sofas with British tattoo iconography, making The Perception lounge an instant classic.

Booths designed by the artists of Frith Street Tattoo at W London's The Perception.
The artists of Frith Street detailed the sofas with classic British tattoo iconography.

Whether you’re a punk or a new romantic, Frith Street Tattoo is the spot to get inked in Londontown. We asked their team of artists to fill in our intimate visual interview, answering questions with unique and powerful images. We wanted to know what fuels London’s creativity and, as you’ll see below, the Frith Street crew definitely left a mark.

What’s your escape?


What’s your power animal?


What inspires you?


What’s your first memory?


What’s your last dream?


What fuels you?