Dare to Discover Amman with the World’s Most Adventurous Travelers

Travel Diary Dare to Discover Amman with the World’s Most Adventurous Travelers

Mystery. Magic. Adventure. When it comes to the sprawling city of Amman and its majestic surrounding desert, this destination was made to explore, and there is no better way to see the wonder of Jordan’s capital than through the eyes of the world’s travel rebels @mrmoudz, @shazaira, @sarafarinabln@shewearsfashion, @chiclebelle, and @legrand_z. This gang loves to explore the unexpected and see the world for themselves, absorbing the vibrant culture of Jordan in the most unexpected places.

From hiking in the historic land of Petra to stargazing in the Wadi Rum desert to living it up at W Amman, follow these adventure-seeking creators as they dare to discover the beautiful, heart-pounding mystery of Amman, and see the carefully-crafted itinerary that was created just for them by the W Insider.


Where to Explore in and around Amman


Workout on the helipad

W Amman Helipad 


Start your day by reaching new heights. Workouts on the W Amman helipad take you far above it all for an extreme workout with a view – like the boundary-breaking class Tareq Maroun, @projectnomad, led for our influencers to fuel their adventure.


Afterward, head down to MESH for a fresh Middle Eastern breakfast to get the day going.


Take in the Historic Views

Amman Citadel, K. Ali Ben Al-Hussein St. 146


From the highest point in Amman, you have unobstructed views of the expansive city and the vast desert, but this historic spot also houses the Temple of Hercules – the ruins of a sacred space built by the Romans. Snap a shot next to the giant hand of Hercules, the only remaining part of the statue known to be built around 166 AD!


Refuel and Groove

Fakhreldin RestaurantTaha Hussein St., W Amman


Treat yourself to a meal at the restaurant taking Levantine cuisine to luxurious heights with the freshest ingredients and culturally thrilling dishes, all served in a festive atmosphere in a classic Jordanian style home.


Camel Ride in the Desert

Wadi Rum Desert


Hitch a ride on the desert’s most loyal creatures and take a tour exploring Wadi Rum’s mysterious sandstone structures, prehistoric cave etchings, the watering hole said to have quenched the thirst of Lawrence of Arabia, and the vast beautiful scenery unlike anywhere else in the world.


Insider Tip: Spend the night glamping under the stars and wake up before dawn to watch the terrain’s epic sunrise.


Wander the Wonder of the World

Petra, Ma-an, Jordan


One of the seven wonders of the world, the lost city of Petra was built around 300 BC and is a mysterious and magical look back in time. Tombs and temples carved pink into sandstone, nicknamed the Rose City, are a must-see when visiting Jordan.


Insider Tip: Check with the hotel’s General Manager for insider access that will allow you to beat the queues.


Chill at WET Deck

W Amman WET Deck


End your trip by chilling out and watching the sunset from the beautiful WET deck. Clinking cocktails to an unforgettable view is the best way to celebrate an adventure well done.

Discover the epic wonders of Jordan and the vibrant experiences Amman has to offer. Book your adventure at W Amman today.

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