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Explore the past, present, and future of Jordan’s capital.

Destination Guide Amman

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Know Before You Go

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Dive In

Talk Like a Local

Learn the slang from the city.

Kefak كيفك

/ˈä-lə/ greeting
Kefak is used between locals and is considered an informal way of saying “How are you?”
Hey! Kefak?

Neighborhoods to Explore

There are plenty of reasons to stay in Amman before making your way to Petra, the Dead Sea or Wadi Rum. The city has two distinct parts: urbane Western Amman, with leafy residential districts, cafes, bars, modern malls and art galleries; and earthy Eastern Amman, where it’s easy to sense a more traditional pulse of the capital.

1. Jabal Al Weibdeh

One of Amman’s oldest districts, which is transforming into the hip place to be with new restaurants and street art.

2. Rainbow Street

This street in Jabal Amman is a destination in itself. Locals go there to shop, and visit the great cafes and restaurants.

3. Abdali Boulevard

The new downtown of Amman, this boulevard offers premium retail outlets, high street cafes, and exclusive rooftop lounges.

4. Downtown Amman

Downtown is the spiritual and physical heart of the city. You'll hear Arabic music blaring from shopfronts, and see people selling clothes, coffee or trinkets on the streets.

W Amman

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amman cafes

Blue Fig Café and Bar

Abdoun, Irbid St. #30

A fashionable glass-and-steel restaurant near Abdoun Circle. Offering an extensive and imaginative mix of world fusion dishes, the Blue Fig creates its ambience with seductive world music and the occasional Arabic poetry reading.


Moussa Abboud / Insider

Try the crème brulée flavoured with Kyoto green tea and mint.

amman shopping

Namliyeh Jam Shop

Jabal Al Weibdeh, Nicolas Ghanmah st.

This shop makes handmade artisan jams, transforming locally grown, farm-fresh fruits into delicious preserves.


Moussa Abboud / Insider

All their jams are 100% natural, low in sugar, and carefully processed to extract the natural flavors and sugars.


Soap House Trinitae

Al Rainbow St #8

Up an alley at the bottom of Rainbow St, you'll find this lovely old villa and garden offering the best in organic luxury, with a gorgeous range of soaps and skincare products.


Moussa Abboud / Insider

Try out Trinitae's signature Dead Sea Mud Body Lotion enriched with aloe vera.


amman healthy food



Abdoun, Fawzi Al Kawekji St.

Give yourself a boost of vitamins and nutrients to energize and live a healthier life. Seed offers amazing juices, smoothies, and salads. Products are all natural made with fresh vegetables and fruits.

Amman Essentials


All you need for your escape to Amman.

1. Activewear and comfy shoes

Be ready to discover the city by foot.

2. Hoodies and light jackets

Amman nights can get a bit chilly, depending on the season.

3. Backpack

The charm of the city might keep you out all day, so be sure to carry along the essentials.

4. Sunscreen and lip balm

Protect your skin against the sun and dry weather.

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