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Explore the past, present, and future of Jordan’s capital.

Destination Guide Amman

When In Amman, You Must

Know Before You Go

Be sure to review government guidance to confirm eligibility to travel and stay at a hotel through at A hard copy of a valid negative COVID-19 PCR test should be presented upon arrival. The new normal includes wearing a face mask indoors and outdoors. You can also download an exposure detection app via


Travel With Confidence

Talk Like a Local

Learn the slang from the city.

Habibi/Habibti حبيبي/ حبيبتي

ha-bee-bee/ha-beeb-tee noun.
Translates to both ‘my love’ in a formal and informal manner. “Habibi” refers to a male and “habibti” a female
Thank you, habibi!

Neighborhoods to Explore

Wait! Before you make your way out of Amman, make sure to explore the best of both worlds: Western and Eastern Amman. One being rooted with historical and cultural sites and the other showcasing modernity within its trendy social hotspots.

1. Downtown / Al Balad

The historic centre of the city, where you can experience the authentic culture of Amman. Try going on a weekday to avoid bigger crowds—we’ve got you covered with vital social distancing tips.

2. Jabal Al-Weibdeh

Amman’s oldest yet hippest district where you can enjoy stunning street art on your way to galleries or social hotspots. It's the perfect spot in town to ignite creativity surrounded by a vibrant art and music scene.

3. Rainbow Street

Located in Jabal, locals go to shop, eat and, take a walk. This neighborhood is reminiscent of Amman's old architectural style, embodied with the electric pulse of the city's modernity.

4. Abdali Boulevard

The modern side of Amman with its tallest towers, premium retail outlets, high street cafes, and rooftop lounges. The boulevard is the place to eat and shop till you drop!

W Amman

Ultimate Access to Amman

Live it up like a local.

The Duke's Diwan

The Duke's Diwan

King Faisal St

See Amman through the lens of history as you step into a time capsule. The Duke's Diwan went from the oldest residence in the city to an experience like none other.

Omar Yousef

Omar Yousef / Insider

Log in to Instagram and check out the location's recent pictures using the hashtag #diwanduke for ideas on the perfect Instagrammable shots.

Soap House Trinitae

Soap House Trinitae

Al Rainbow St #8

Treat yourself to natural aromatherapy skincare products enhanced with Dead sea minerals. These products will make you feel glam and fresh. Trinitae is located on Rainbow St. in a hidden old villa.

Omar Yousef

Omar Yousef / Insider

Don’t let the pandemic stop you from pampering yourself. Try the natural Dead Sea facial mud mask—your skin will thank you later!


Darat Al Funun

13 Nadeem al Mallah St

Darat Al Funuun puts visual arts, innovative performances, film screenings, concerts and cultural events in the spotlight. Get ready to indulge in the true design element in six different buildings!

Omar Yousef

Omar Yousef / Insider

Before you head out, pass by the hotel's concierge to double check opening hours.



6 Khalif As Suhaymat St

For the food lovers out there, Kama provides a variety of local cuisine essentials which will definitely amplify your appetite.

Omar Yousef

Omar Yousef / Insider

Can't make it? You can always stop by their booth at the airport!

Either / Or




Abdoun, Fawzi Al Kawekji St.

Get your daily dose of antioxidants and boost your immunity at Seed with their all-natural smoothies. Fuel up at this trendy spot!



W Amman’s Living Room

Rafiq Al Hariri Ave 13

Steal the scene and revel in the spinning music at our very own Living Room. Don't miss out on our daily happy hour from 5pm-7pm.

Amman Essentials

Amman packing list

All you need for your escape to Amman.

1. Layer up

The key to planning outfits in Jordan. Consider the culture and practicalities of your trip by dressing in layers. It definitely gets cooler at night.

2. Comfortable shoes or sandals

Stroll your way around A-town with your most comfortable pair of shoes.

3. Portable charger

An essential travel companion. You don’t want your phone to die while navigating or capturing moments.

4. Hand sanitizer

Stay germ-free on the go!

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