Culture Meets Modern Craft at W Bangkok

On the Runway Culture Meets Modern Craft at W Bangkok

It’s time to take our fashion obsession to the next level with a fashion show outside the normal runway capitals. Thailand’s remarkable history gives way to a modern twist, where top fashion magazine L’Officiel joined W Bangkok for the hotel’s debut runway show featuring Kris Yensudchai‘s city-inspired collection: From Weaving Streets to Today’s Life Crafts.

With The House on Sathorn, a stunning 128-year-old colonial mansion, serving as the perfect historical backdrop, Yensudchai and top celebrity stylist, Art Araya, infused old world charm into modern silhouettes.

Get a backstage pass to the looks of the season and indulge in the jewel tone silks, flowing contemporary cuts, and unstoppable talent taking on the fashion world.

Thai patterns take on bold forms with a belted collared dress.
It's all about that wink - like this bedazzled riding cap.
Jewel tones fit the palette of the royal setting as well as the trends of the modern runway.
Guests enjoyed the show during their dinner in the decadent palace.
Not all rose patterns have to be dainty.
Capes and textiles where inspired by the many cultures of Thailand.
You can't show off a royal collection without some gold.
Modern sophistication meets street style flair.
All about flannel pattern with an elevated color and design.
The details are what take the collection to the next level.
All the looks for all to see.
The thickness of the fabrics are offset by the delicacy of the silk and unexpected draping of the dress.
Patterns + frills. You can never have too much of a good thing.
This coat is cozy enough to relax at home in and chic enough to take to the streets.