Your All-in-One London Fashion Week Beauty Kit

Beauty Your All-in-One London Fashion Week Beauty Kit

Fashion Week isn’t just about nailing the perfect outfit – beauty is half the battle. Luckily, W London‘s crew of beauty professionals from the AWAY Spa know the tips and tricks for putting your most fashionable face (and hair and skin) forward this London Fashion Week.


Brilliant Skin

No matter if your dressing up for that LFW party or running from show to show, great skin is always on trend. Celebrity skin care professional Su Man shares some crucial tips and must-have products to keeping your skin fresh, bright, and always fashionable.


Purifying Cleansing Gel-Oil


Why she loves it:

It glides on to skin beautifully while cleansing and allow me to massage to wake up my muscles, open pores thoroughly cleanse perfect preparation for the day.


Why it’s a must-have:

To clean the face day and night, remove impurities and makeup without stripping skin’s natural oil. The result: supple, smooth skin.


Refining Facial Polish


Why she loves it:

This watermelon based exfoliator was created from my childhood memory. I used to rub discarded watermelon skin on my face to refresh, hydrate and soothe but now I put them into a tube so I can carry it easily wherever I go.


Why it’s a must-have:

Exfoliating once or twice a week is essential to keep skin looking radiant and healthy. Also it allows other products to penetrate skin easily and effectively. This fruit cocktail combined watermelon, Papaya, pomegranate, Gingko extract and is the perfect choice for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin.


Nyx Epic Ink Liner


Why she loves it:

It’s easy to use and the feather-light brush doesn’t drag or pull your eye lids and doesn’t smudge either.


Why it’s must-have:

To redefine my eyes!


Chloe Eau de Toilette


Why she loves it:

The fragrance is subtle but not overwhelming, powerful but gives me a warm and happy mood. A little magic can make all the difference.


Why it’s a must-have:

Touch and smell are inseparable to me since they both have the power to uplift and transport our mood and spirit. It’s the perfect addition to brilliant, beautiful skin.

The Perfect Tan

Next, we talk to James Harknett, a Bespoke Spray Tan Artist who knows that stunning style starts with a great glow. Check out his 4 must-have tanning essentials perfect for that sun-kissed skin look throughout winter, without the harmful UV rays.

W HOTEL, AWAY SPA, 09/06/2017
W HOTEL, AWAY SPA, 09/06/2017
W HOTEL, AWAY SPA, 09/06/2017

Air Brush Instant Fake Tan


Why he love’s it:

Its 360-degree spray nozzle allows me to mist the tan all over the body for even coverage. It leaves a natural golden glow and is a favorite with my male celebrity clients as a top whilst they are away filming.


Why is it a must-have?

It also acts as an emergency spray tan if my machinery ever fails. I’ve even used this to give an actress a tan for the red carpet.


CC Vitamin Summer Lotion


Why he loves it:

This multi-purpose face and body lotion soothes, hydrates, fights sun damage by prolonging a self-tan. I love that it prolongs my client’s tan and stops them from dehydrating.


Why it’s a must-have:

I also use it as a lightweight barrier cream for dry areas on the body such as hands, feet, and elbows, allowing my spray tans to have the most natural finish.


Altearah Organic Body “Orange” Scrubs


Why he loves it:

Made from Himalayan salt, organic vegetables and essential oils, this scrub exfoliates and moisturizes. It cleanses the skin deep-down, eliminating dead cells loaded with impurities, refining the skin and stimulating blood circulation.


Why it’s a must-have:

I always have this on hand at the W Away Spa for my clients that come in and need to exfoliate. It also removes the build-up of body lotions, moisturizers, and oils that can prevent my spray tans from developing evenly.


Fakebake Flawless Travel Survival Kit


Why he loves it:

This 3 step self-tanning travel kit designed to remove and replace your tan in areas where it could have patched or worn -away through exercise, sweating or general weer off. I love this kit because it allows my clients to feel confident that they can repair any tanning mistakes but also allows them to touch up their color in areas like the chest or inner elbows.


Why it’s a must-have:

This mini travel size kit is a self-tanner’s best friend. It has an exfoliating wipe and tanning towelette, with a tinted guide to allow you to bronze yourself with ease and be confident in minutes.

The Ultimate Do

No outfit is complete without a blowout that’s just as glam as what you are wearing. We got the LFW hair low-down from celebrity hairstylist, Adam Bennett, who knows that the perfect do is all about versatility.


Cloud Nine Hair Brush


Why he loves it:  

It’s *the* best hairbrush you could own. Its mixed bristles have a great anti-static effect for brushing out curls into big bouncy waves as it adds shine to straight hair. I got mine as a gift from a colleague around 7 years ago and it’s crucial.


Why it’s a must-have:

It’s a very versatile brush and the deep cushion means it glides through the hair easily. I can blow dry with it, back brush with it for up-styles or smooth over hair easily.


RA Oil


Why he loves it:

This is the most incredible Hair Oil from Iceland. It’s a genius light-weight dry oil, plus its 100% vegan!


Why it’s a must-have:

It basically does everything. Unlike lots of other oils and serums, it’s silicone-free so it adds shine without adding heaviness to the hair.  It’s got UV protection in it as well as heat protection, so perfect for traveling.   


GHD Hair Iron 


Why he loves it:

The controlled temperature means it’s hot enough to do the job without compromising the condition of the hair. They glide through the hair adding even more shine!


Why it’s a must-have:

It’s so versatile – it can do straight, curly, beach waves, heat pin curls – the list goes on. It also has universal voltage which means I can use it when working abroad, too.


Sam Mcknight Modern Hairspray


Why he loves it:

It’s hasn’t been out for long but  I was lucky enough to work on Sam’s show team a few years ago. He’s my hair hero and so when he released his own product line I knew they were going to be very special.


Why it’s a must-have:

The theme of my kit is versatility and since my clients can be demanding and change their mind last minute, I need products that are workable and changeable.  This hairspray brushes out in an instant but has great hold (plus it smells amazing).