Get Ripped with Fit Tips by Olivia Cooney

Fit Tips Get Ripped with Fit Tips by Olivia Cooney

Olivia Cooney has spent her career developing workout routines that can be done in half the time with twice the benefit, making her Pop-Up workouts invaluable to hustlers on-the-go. Olivia uses nature as her gym, and little to no equipment, making the workouts accessible to anyone and everyone. We wanted to start the New Year with a bang, so we met Olivia at W Verbier‘s Fuel Weekend to learn some new moves. Here’s what she had to share.

Oblique Cruncher

Rest comfortably on your left glute and elbow, squeeze both ankles together and lock out knees

Raise both legs together to a 45-degree angle, remaining in your sideways position

Actively squeeze the side muscles between your ribs and hips to achieve a strong contraction through the obliques, ultimately lifting the legs

Knee Drivers

Start in a high plank position

Drive your knee underneath your chest, actively contracting your abdominal muscles

Extend the leg back behind you before driving the knee again to the outside of your elbow, actively contracting your oblique

Curtze to Side Lung

Step back and behind your left ankle with your right foot, bending through the knees, keeping the weight central

Take a big stride with the same foot out to the side into a wide side lunge

Repeat on the same leg for 20-30 seconds

Olivia leading class at W Verbier