Take a Walk Through Barcelona in Artist Ricardo Cavolo’s Shoes

Insider Guide Take a Walk Through Barcelona in Artist Ricardo Cavolo’s Shoes

When it comes to Barcelona – vibrant culture, bold imagery, and unbridled adventure live around every turn. Barcelona-based street artist Ricardo Cavolo‘s work is just the same, inspired by the nature and culture in his city. Ricardo’s colorful murals and illustrations reflect Barcelona, and now, an exclusive sneaker collaboration with W Barcelona and designer shoe brand Muroexe. His symbols, inspired by the Mediterranean sea, classical Spanish art and the thriving culture of the city come to life on the limited edition sneaker – combining street style with modern comfort to create the perfect shoe for exploring the Barcelona streets.

Follow W Insider Pep Malla  as he takes a walk in Cavolo’s shoes (literally!) and discover the artist’s secret Barcelona spots for ultimate inspiration.

RIcado Cavolo explores his inspiration around the city.
Ricardo Cavolo's Muroexe x W Barcelona collaboration inspired by Barcelona.





Carrer dels Tallers, 73


I am a big fan of fashion and clothing so I would suggest a place in Raval called Holala! It is vintage clothing store in which you can find very unique garments from the 50s that are impossible to find anywhere else. I visit this place at least once a month to buy something new!



MNAC National Museum

Palau Nacional, Parc de Montjuïc


MNAC, the national museum in Catalonia is definitely unique and inspiring, mostly because it has the biggest collection of Romanesque art. The early medieval art has a big impact on my art and every time I go there I return to the studio with new ideas, feeling eager to start working.



Wer Haus

Carrer d’Aragó, 287


There is a place on Aragon Street called Wer Haus that has a great Berlin vibe. It is a German styled place with a clean and spacious atmosphere that has a vibe that combines modern and 70s style. They serve great handmade coffee and tea and sell trendy and fashionable clothes. They have limited editions of some really hard-to-find fashion brands as well as magazines from all over the world. Really interesting and difficult to find anywhere else in Barcelona.

Photo via @wanderawaywithme


Raval Neighborhood


There are so many neighborhoods in Barcelona, but El Raval is my favorite. As one of the oldest neighborhoods in Barcelona, you can feel the historic atmosphere but at the same time there are people from so many different countries that it feels like you are at the United Nations. Ancient stores next to modern boutiques and people from all over the world – it’s the perfect mixture for me. A walk around this neighborhood is really worth it.

Photo via @marcluengo


Bodega Quimet

Carrer de Vic, 23


Of course as a Spanish guy I need to drink and eat, at least every two hours, and Barcelona is a perfect place for that. Every time that a friend comes to Barcelona I take them to Bodega Quimet, in the Gracia neighborhood. It’s a place for drinking traditional-handmade Vermut and having some delicious tapas. This place is special to me and I really love it because they still do things the old fashioned way. However, it’s a really small place and getting a table is tough, so go early if you can!

RIcardo Cavolo's Barcelona Walking Tour

Explore the artist's favorite city spots for culture and creativity.

1. MNAC National Museum

Soak up the culture through the ages.

2. Holala! Vintage Shop

For that perfect vintage outfit.

3. El Raval Neighborhood

Spend the day where old architecture meets modern design.

4. Wer Haus

For awesome German design, coffee, clothes and magazines.

5. Bodega Quimet

Tapas to die for.