Watch Longboarder Hyojoo Ko Cruise Through Taipei with Effortless Style

Up Close Watch Longboarder Hyojoo Ko Cruise Through Taipei with Effortless Style

Head to toe to board, insta-famous longboarder Hyojoo Ko has undeniable style no matter where she’s riding. Hyojoo, born in Korea, is far from your grungy kid neighbor skateboarding around the cul-de-sac, but her knowledge of the streets is extensive, even in Taipei. Watch the gliding beauty travel through the ancient yet modern city and show off her uniquely bold style.


After the ride, we met the skater girl outside W Taipei to show off her moves and chat about life as a traveler and world-famous It-girl always on the road.

How did you start longboarding?


Hyojoo: I worked as a User Interface (UI) designer for LINE, a global messenger company, but recently left. It was a very common thing to work late every day, so I needed some more active hobbies. I came across a longboard video and got interested so I went to the longboard shop and bought one for the first time.


What’s your favorite thing about exploring a city on your board?


H: I love to ride in a strange landscape when I travel. In Korea, I ride my longboard at a familiar place so I can focus on riding rather than enjoying the scenery. 
But when I ride the board abroad, the new scenes passing by me are amazing.


What is your favorite thing about visiting Taipei?


H: I visited Taipei three times and have always been impressed with the people there.
 They resemble me but have a totally different culture. These experiences feel like a new energy to me.


What makes this city different?


H: Modern and traditional combine well here. I think that’s Taipei’s greatest attraction.

What are three things you can’t live without when traveling?


H: My longboard, of course, a camera, and socks. My board is certainly the one item that I’ve had with me since my first overseas trip. My camera, to capture my experiences, is a close second.


What’s your personal style and does that change from day to night?


H: I focus on styling for longboard riding.
 I like short pants with good elasticity, and when I wear short pants, I usually wear knee-socks to protect my legs from little bumps and scratches.
 I like to wear a variety of sock designs for extra style points.