Daniel Dugoff’s Taipei Travel Essentials

Souvenirs Daniel Dugoff’s Taipei Travel Essentials

Fashion designer Daniel Dugoff is known for minimal aesthetic and maximal functionality, making “unbasic basics” for the modern man. His personal style is just the same, always opting for a casually tailored look especially when traveling. For Dugoff’s W Inspiration Trip to Taipei, the CFDA {Fashion Incubator} designer packed the essentials, but indulged in the culture of the city by taking home a bunch of kooky gifts, objects from local shops, and unique mementos. We asked Dugoff to spill his bag of travel essentials and share the great souvenirs he took home from the trip of a lifetime.



  1. A good paperback book (The People In The Trees by Hanya Yanagihara) just in case I get stuck somewhere – I actually don’t think I opened the book once in Taipei.
  2. A really long phone charging cable because you never know where the closest outlet will be, and a backup battery.
  3. Vitamin C (Emergen-C) for the airplane always makes me feel like I’m doing something to take care of myself while I’m in a tin can in the sky.
  4. I wear glasses, so I can’t just pick up sunglasses on the street. I always travel with prescription sunglasses from Moscot.
  5. Something to say thank you – DDUGOFF pins and notecards.


  1. Famous local coffee from Alisan purchased at a boutique called Fujin Tree 355 after having some at the cafe next door.
  2. Gudetama is a friend of Hello Kitty. This toy vomits up yellow goo. Got it at one of the night markets for a friend who is obsessed with him.
  3. Tea with pictures of leaders of Taiwan from Taipei 101 (they hang on the edge of the cup).
  4. Tickets from: The Palace Museum, Taipei 101, and a Joan Cornella gallery show I went to.
  5. Little brass and enamel dishes from Fujin Tree 355 – one is a gift, and one is for me.
  6. Patches and bracelets from the newspaper Cat’s Issue. They have a pop-up at Beauty and Youth and even though I personally don’t like cats, I have lots of friends who do. These will be great gifts for them.
  7. Geode 3 container by No.30, a brand that designs and manufactures zinc-alloy products in Taiwan. I bought it at an incredible shop called Sunset, a huge highlight of my trip. You can have dessert and a beer while enjoying their furniture and design objects.
  8. A mango hat for a friend, purchased at Beauty and Youth. Taiwan is known for having incredible tropical fruit all year round.
  9. A photo booth picture from the top of Taipei 101. You can tell how happy I was enjoying the view.
  10.   Paper products (cards, stickers, stationery) from a shop in Huashan 1914 – a cultural park in Taipei with restaurants, shops, galleries, and event space.
  11.  A sticker from SNAPP – an awesome photo store with antique cameras, photo equipment, and books. They publish a magazine and develop film.