Inside the Fashion, Feminism and Life of Yves Saint Laurent

podcasts Inside the Fashion, Feminism and Life of Yves Saint Laurent

Now more than ever, the words of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent ring clear as a way of life: “fashion fades, style is eternal.” The Algerian-born designer changed the way women wore clothes, incorporating masculine pieces like the trench, pea-coat and pant-suit into the feminine sartorial language. This change in trends opened up the doors for women to be both comfortable and stylish, introducing a new idea of equality in society, as told through style. Now the iconic designer’s vision is on display at the Seattle Art Museum, exhibiting a glimpse into Laurent’s creative process including his first collection of Paper Dolls he made a teenager, photographs of his life and work, and many of the stunning garments themselves.

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To celebrate the opening of the exhibition, What She Said brought in one of the main forces behind the show, Chief Curator of SAM, Chiyo Ishikawa, to talk art, fashion and feminism. The collection counts 110 garments and over 900 objects in total, reflecting on an icon built on dualities, who really knew how to push boundaries in style.

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“Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style” will be on display at the SAM through until the 7th of January, 2017, and hear more What She Said talks here.