Fajar Domingo Talks in Pictures

Visual Interview Fajar Domingo Talks in Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words, but in the case of Indonesian collage artist Fajar Domingo, his images speak for themselves. When the artist was growing up, he cut up magazines belonging to his aunt and sister to create new worlds through visuals. As Photoshop put new technology at his fingertips, he maintained his idiosyncratic sense of nature, beauty, and balance. “I like how I can turn familiar subjects to unfamiliar or surreal subjects,” says Domingo.

Since then, the Jakarta-based artist has taken his signature illustrations and collage to collaborations with Gucci, VICE Indonesia and, most recently, with W Bali‘s summer dance party SPF 2017. Domingo’s designs introduced a psychedelic ambiance to the SPF DJ lineup, with a range of custom décor inspired by the Fever Dream theme.

Fajar Domingo's works on pillows at W Bali
The original W Bali exclusive design collaboration

We challenged Fajar Domingo to an intimate visual interview, answering our questions only with unique and powerful artworks. Even without words, these works speak volumes.

What inspires you?


What fuels you?


What is your power animal?


Where would you like to escape to?