W Taipei Resident Trainer AD Yeh Shares 3 Classic Fit Tips

Fit Tips W Taipei Resident Trainer AD Yeh Shares 3 Classic Fit Tips

An essential key to stress-free traveling is keeping a semblance of a routine, especially if you’re committed to health and fitness. Well-worn travelers know that fitness studios in hotels can be hit or miss, but such is not the case at W Taipei‘s FIT Gym. The professional grade fitness studio includes a full stack of cardio and weight machines designed to keep you feeling active and energized at your home away from home.

To get the most of the state-of-the-art fitness amenities and learn some easy but effective moves to keep you sculpted on-the-go, we spoke to W Taipei’s resident fitness instructor AD Yeh. Specializing in body weight training and functional movement, AD Yeh shared three classic, yet effective, moves that you can do anywhere, anytime. Ready to get flexed?


Modified Push-Ups

Begin in a plank position; lift one leg for an extra challenge


Line your thumbs up with the bottom of your chest


Spread elbows away from the body as you descend and push up


Tip: engage the core and avoid shrugging


One-Leg Squats

Stand straight with feet hip-width apart


Reach one leg backwards as you lower, using arms as a counterbalance


Keep the weight in the heels to power back up


Tip: squeeze your glutes in tight at the top of the squat


Classic Pull-Ups

Grab the bar wider than shoulder-width


Squeeze the shoulder blades back to prepare


Pull your body weight up by drawing shoulder down and back


Tip: use your core to help to stabilize your body