Candy Taste Test with De La Soul

Up Close Candy Taste Test with De La Soul

What happens when you’re backstage at W’s Wake Up Call music festival with one blindfold, two hip hop legends, and an entire bowl of Halloween candy? It might have gotten sticky, but with Pos and Maseo of De La Soul, the old school rap trio making a mega comeback with their new album “…and the Anonymous Nobody” – it’s all sweet fun. Watch as the two icons get goofy (and a bit profane!) taste testing some of the best treats of the season, and learn just what type of candy Maseo loves, hates, and would rather eat with a touch of green.




Pos: Open up widdddde.

Maseo: mmmm….ok….chocolate. caramel. cookie. Tastes like a Mother F*ckin’ Twix!

Pos: Yea baby!

Maseo: That’s my favorite.




Maseo: Hold on, hold on. I need water! Need to dilute the taste in my mouth. Clean my palette.

Pos: You ready? Open wide, lean back. 

Maseo: I thought about getting Lasik surgery but now, all these people feeding me while I’m blind, I’m reconsidering…(Pos feeds him the gummy bears) Oh…wait…HELL NO. I know what these are! I know these Mother F*ckers.

Pos: So what are they?

Maseo: They gelatin like. Sweet as a mo’. Gummy bears? I don’t like them without …




Maseo bites a REese’s


Pos: Oh I know you like this one now. 

Maseo: Oh? Oh! OHHHHHH YEAAAA BABY! Let me tell you about this one right here! It’s a Reeses cup, but a virgin Reese’s.



Maseo munches a twizzler


Pos: I’m impressed. Three out of three so far.

Maseo: Chubby people know this type of sh*t! (Pos feeds him the twizzlers) Oh man, I hate these! These are Pos’ favorite .

Pos: Sure are!

Maseo: I’ve always hated these. Take these from me. It’s a half-assed licorice stick.

Pos: I’ll eat it!

Maseo: Oh, ugh, it’s stuck in my teeth. I hate these!


Maseo bites a butterfinger


Maseo: Mmmm. It’s got Cadbury in it…

Pos: But what do you taste?

Maseo: Chocolate. Cadbury. I don’t know… give me another piece. What the freak is this!

Pos: It was a Butterfingers!

Maseo: I KNEW IT. Man, I never liked Butterfingers.