5 Minutes in a Suite with Matoma and Kungs

Up Close 5 Minutes in a Suite with Matoma and Kungs

Life on tour is a non-stop adventure, but for internationally renowned DJs Matoma and Kungs, the party keeps going even after the sets are done. Matoma, the Norway based DJ and producer who famously mashes up classics like Notorious B.I.G. with tropical house beats, and Kungs, the 19-year-old French turn table master known for the hit “This Girl,” met while performing at the Wake Up Call Music Festival.


After turning up the energy with their killer sets on W Scottsdale‘s Wet Deck, we got goofy with the guys back at the suite. Get weird with Kungs and Matoma as they share their secret talents and show off the extra strange things that happen when you’ve only got 5 minutes in a suite.

Kungs and Matoma pretend to be their spirit animals: An eagle and a hippo.

If you could be any animal what would you be? 


Matoma: I would be a hippo because they are so lazy, all I would have to do is lay on the floor. But they are fast. Really fast.


Kungs: I’d be an eagle. I’d like to soar.



What are three things you need to bring on tour?


K: Clothes, headphones, and toothpaste. Just the essentials.


M: My laptop. My headphones. And something to put my head on on the plane. I’ve been doing this for three years now. I’ve been to 62 countries!



What’s the best city for music?


M: I really think it depends. It’s all about going to new places, finding new people, and new life in general. It’s important for a musician to always have diversity. I love traveling because I can soak up so much, and when I get back home I’m ready to produce.


K: For me it’s Amsterdam or Ibiza. Ibiza is the place to party but Amsterdam is filled with people from the music world.

Showing off their secret talents of handstands and hand farts.

Who is a musician we should be watching out for?


M: I actually brought two guys with me on my tour, Bank and Steve Void, who are so great. They are totally different, one is future melodic house the other a bit more indie-chill. I love those guys.



Whats your secret talent?


K: I can fart with my hands.


M: I can too! But I think every kid knows how to do that. I can also stand on my hands, I think. Should I try? I hope you have insurance on me.


Matoma and Kungs went head to head in a hand fart competition... It was a tie.

Check out Matoma‘s U.S. tour this fall and Kungs‘ Europe Tour starting in October.



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