Two Truths And A Lie With Cheat Codes

Up Close Two Truths And A Lie With Cheat Codes

After a nearly complete North American tour and years of playing on stage together, you’d think that the Los Angeles-based indie electro band Cheat Codes would know each other pretty well by now. But for Matthew, Trevor, and Kevin, who hit it big with the pumped-up single “Sex,” pranking each other is just another part of their kooky band dynamic. Backstage during Wake Up Call: A W Music Festival in Scottsdale we challenged the guys to the classic get-to-know you game of “Two Truths and a Lie” to see how well Cheat Codes can actaully read each other.

Matthew, Trevor and Kevin of Cheat Codes

It’s an easy premise – each band member tells us three sentences about themselves, the other guys guess which sentence is a total lie. Seems simple, but spotting the poker face in this group of Cheaters is harder than it seems. Play along and see if you know Cheat Codes better than they know themselves.

Matthew Russel’s “Two Truths and a Lie”

1. I’ve shown my art in an art gallery.


2. I had a 4.2 GPA in college.


3. I can dunk a basketball.


Kevin: There is no way you can dunk, dude.
Trevor: You aren’t that smart any more… but yea, you can’t dunk for sure. 


They were right! Matt can’t dunk!

Trevor Dahl’s “TWO Truths and a Lie”

1. I never smoked a full cigarette.


2. I played soccer in high school.


3. I’ve only met one of my grandparents.


Kevin: I swear I’ve seen you finish a cigarette before.
Matt: No way. Haven’t you heard him brag about never having one? I think it’s soccer, this kid did nothing in high school.


Matt was right, Trevor has never played soccer!

KEvin Ford’s “TWO Truths and a Lie”

1. I can drive a stick shift.


2. My dad won an Emmy.


3. My dad won an Academy Award



Matt: Wow you really love bragging about your dad, huh?

Trevor: I know he won one of those…for sound design.

Kevin: Yea but WHICH ONE?


The guys were right, Kevin’s dad did NOT win an Emmy. (He did, however, win an Academy Award for his sound engineering on Apollo 13, though, which is still pretty impressive.)