Years & Years: Bandmates or Best Mates

GIF Interview Years & Years: Bandmates or Best Mates

For the electropop trio Years & Years, the word bandmates is synonymous to best mates. After touring Europe and the U.S, landing two singles at the top of the U.K. charts and snagging a spot on the stage of this year’s Governor’s Ball, you’d expect the guys were close. But how well do Olly, Mikey and Emre really know their bandmates?


Using GIF magic, we asked the guys on intimate facts about their bandmates during their stay at W New York – Union Square. From what Olly sings in the shower to the color of Mikey’s underwear, it turns out that Years & Years know each other better than they even know themselves.

  • 1. What does Olly sing in the shower?


Emre: Killing me softly.  Olly: Nothing.  Mikey: If you were my girlfriend.



Mikey: I don’t know the song I just hear you say this over and over.

Olly: I hate this question.

2. Who was Mikey’s first famous crush?


Emre: Helen Hunt.   Olly: Helen Hunt.   Mikey: Jennifer Connelly.



Emre: It could be two.

Olly: Oh yea, there are two options for sure.
Mikey: I forgot how to spell her name…
Emre: Ugh. I knew it.

3. What is Emre’s drink of choice?


Emre: Rum & Coke.   Olly: Rum & Coke.   Mikey: Rum & Coke.



Emre: Easy.

Olly: Easy.

4. What gets on Olly’s nerves while on tour?


Emre: Emre (me).   Olly: Emre.   Mikey: Emre.

5. What color underwear is Mikey wearing?


Emre: Dark Blue.   Olly: Blue.   Mikey: Black.



Emre: They look black!
Mikey: I have no idea.

6. What is the most embarrassing music on Emre’s phone?


Emre: Phil Collins.   Olly: ABBA.   Mikey: ABBA.



Emre: That’s not embarrassing! ABBA is totally fine! They’re the Mozart of easy listening!
Olly: Mozart’s not that easy.
Emre: What’s wrong with you Americans you don’t realize how bad Phil Collins actually is.

7. If Olly were an emoji, what would he be?


Mikey: I think I know but I can’t draw it!
Emre: I haven’t updated my phone in two years so I don’t know what they have now.
Mikey: I was going to do the one with the lady and the painted nails, but I couldn’t draw it so… I did the sad face.

8. What would be Mikey’s theme song?


Emre: Seinfeld Theme.   Olly: The Seinfeld Theme.   Mikey: Twin Peaks.


Mikey: I might have got this wrong.
Emre: How did you get your own question wrong?!