Get Moving with Fit Tips by Paola Di Lanzo

Fit Tips Get Moving with Fit Tips by Paola Di Lanzo

You’ll be amazed to see how simple exercises can transform a body. Just ask Paola Di Lanzo. She’s an expert in Pilates and Barre, which has helped this mother of three to stay in world-class shape. Londoners are rushing to Paola’s BodyBarre studios to unlock the secrets of her dynamic routines, which fuse Pilates, ballet barre conditioning, functional training, and HIIT. Before joining a class ourselves, we met up with Paola at W Verbier‘s Fuel Weekend where she shared two simple moves that can be done anywhere, leaving the full body on fire.

Standing Split Stretch

Stand hip-width apart. Hinge forward, 90 degrees through hips, keeping legs long and “sit bones” lifted

Place the fingers gently on the floor as if on thin ice

Lengthen & lift, keeping leg long & strong, both kneecaps drawing up. Hips remain square as you isolate into the back of the thigh & glutes

Demi Pointe Lunge with Port Des Bras

Hip-width apart, step forward with weight on the front foot as you lower hips. Front heel elevated, back heel lifted

Descend until rear knee almost touches the floor. Be sure front knee doesn’t go over your toes

Drive through the ball of the front foot, squeeze inner thighs, and push back up

Paola leading class at W Verbier