Inside the CFDA {Fashion Incubator} 3.0 Graduation Showcase

CFDA Inside the CFDA {Fashion Incubator} 3.0 Graduation Showcase

Ten designers. Two years. As part of the CFDA {Fashion Incubator} project , the 3rd class of emerging designers have gone far. From getting advice from fashion industry icons like Diane Von Furstenberg to taking life changing W Inspiration Trips, the graduating class have a lot to show for their time with the CFDA.


To celebrate their hard work, we go behind the scenes with the Coveteur to W London – Leicester Square, the site of the final 3.0 CFDA {Fashion Incubator} design showcase. the trip was short was sweet, starting off with an intimate breakfast before each designer set up shop in one of W London’s suites. Here, media and buyers came to explore the collections and meet with the designers one on one (including the one and only Diane von Furstenberg). Later, the night switched to cocktails as all the designers outfitted models in their collections, showing off designs influenced by their trips to W locations around the world.


From form to function, the designer’s new collections were a hit, showing just how inspiring travel can be.


From deep pinks and purples to simple flower patterns, knitwear brand Orley was inspired by the radiant lights and culture during their Inspiration Trip to Hong Kong. It’s not hard to see how the hues of the city’s sunsets made it into their design, translating the horizon line into a subtle line pattern while still staying within the brand’s minimalist aesthetic.

The signature Orley weave is hard to miss.
Orley designers pose with Diane von Furstenberg
Orley's Hong Kong inspired knitwear collection


On her Inspiration Trip to Beijing Misha Nonoo was taken by the bold colors and patterns of the bustling city. Using the reds, whites and blacks seen in China’s markets and street signs, paired with a softness of the city’s ancient culture, Misha’s new collection perfectly pairs the delicate with the powerful.

Bright bags and shoes match the lighthearted collection.
A final look in Misha Nonoo's newest collection
Misha going through her pieces before the final show.


Coming to Istanbul for her Inspiration Trip, Yara Flinn of NOMIA already knew she would be influenced by the city’s utilitarian aesthetic, but with her new collection, it’s all in the details. Crisp design and a wearable color palette are heightened by unique elements, bringing in Istanbul’s passion for the decorative in a very NOMIA way.

The NOMIA collection is the ultimate fashion uniform.
Yara Flinn wearing her own utilitarian designs.
A functional yet creative look inspired by Istanbul.


After traveling to New York City to show off his short fashion film “With Mustard,” Lucio Castro took his menswear designs to the next level, adding in those graphic details that are so relevant to NYC architecture. The muted, mustardy tones are heightened with Lucio’s use of unique pattern, giving an undeniable flair to every outfit.

Lucio is known for his graphic touches in surprising places.
Lucio Castro's menswear line is all about pattern and suble color.
Lucio showing off his collection at W London - LIechester Square


No better place for luxury and taste than Barcelona, where Kate Ermilio visited for her Inspiration Trip, soaking up the indulgent culture of the city. Without loosing her signature simplicity, Kate took the energy of the city into her collection, with dramatic cuts and drapes but an overall class.

It's all in the hand crafted details.
Kate Ermilio with her collection inspired by Barcelona.
Luxury and minimalism are the designer's key points.


When it comes to handbags, KARA knows how to stand out. With the influence of her Beijing Inspiration Trip, however, the designer was able to add a brightness to her ultra-functional design. Using bold reds, deep blues and checker patterns similar to the designs found in local markets, Kara signature simple design was heightened with the electricity of the city.

With so many sizes and shapes, KARA bags are perfect for every day, every night, every trip.
KARA went bold with a bright red inspired by Beijing.
Kara shows off how function can all mean fun in her newest collection.


On an Inspiration road trip across the American South, Kaelen’s unique style reached new levels as she soaked up city lights and natural sights while cruising the open road. From New Orleans to Dallas to Austin, Kaelen was inspired by the vibrant cultures of each city, influencing a collection of flowing drape, bright metallic fabrics, and natural floral patterns.

Bright patterns and flowy cuts capture the vibe of the South.
A metallic design perfect for day to night.
Kaelen lounging while on her Inspiration Trip


They say you can know a person by their shoes, but you won’t need to look at Isa Tapia’s feet to know she’s got personality. A natural party person, the shoe designer’s Inspiration Trip to the non-stop city of Barcelona was a constant influence on her already energetic designs. Vibrant colors and patterns give way to beautiful craftsmanship, creating looks that live up to Isa.

Isa is as vibrant as her shoe collection.
Bright red to match Barcelona's firey passion.
Silver like the sea!


Always influenced by earthen elements, jewelry designer Dezso’s Inspiration Trip to Puerto Rico’s natural island oasis, Vieques, brought together sand, sun and surf in every look. Using stones the hue of the ocean and golds as thick as the sunset, Sara Beltran’s designs are all about the surroundings.

Golds and stones inspired by the sea, surf and sand of Vieques island.
The designer wearing her own designs.
Unexpected elements make the collection stand out.


After visiting multiple local weavers, dyers and crafters during their Inspiration Trip  to Bogota, Colombia, the designer of A Peace Treaty translated the patterns of the culture into their unique woven aesthetic. Bold colors and patterns paired by an attention to detail show how the craft of a country and the modern mentality of designers can work together in total harmony.

Dana, of A Peace Treaty, with Diane von Furstenberg herself.
A model in A Peace Treaty's Bogota inspired look.
Scarves show patterns and colors picked up from the locals.