Shady Talk with Le Specs Designer Hamish Tame

Up Close Shady Talk with Le Specs Designer Hamish Tame

Hailing from Australia, Hamish Tame, the designer behind the W Maldives x Le Specs ultra-reflective sunglass collaboration, knows how to throw shade. From the first piece of clothing he was obsessed with as a kid to designing the trendiest accessory of the moment, Hamish’s love for sunglasses runs deep – and his new collaboration is no different. A perfect accessory for paradise, Hamish’s designs were inspired by the mirroring blue of the Maldives Sea, but can be worn anywhere, any time.

We got close with the Le Specs designer about his fashion faves and faux pas, and learn just what makes sunglasses a must have item no matter your destination.

Hamish while shooting the collaboration campaign at W Maldives

How would you describe your personal style?


I’d describe my style as “classic vs loud”… somewhere between an all-black outfit and bright Hawaiian prints. Ask some of my friends though, and they’d say “regrettable.”



What was your favorite piece of clothing as a kid?


Funnily enough it was a pair of bright yellow sunglasses. I referred to them as my “dark glasses,” and didn’t leave home without them.



What about now?


A classic Bassike organic cotton t-shirt. They are effortless and great quality, and I like not having to overthink an outfit. I’m also obsessed with Gucci sneakers right now!


Le Specs 11_high_res

Where can we find you on a Friday night?


In a bar with a bottle of red wine, or in the lounge with a bottle of red wine.



If we’re going to buy you a drink, what should it be?


A whiskey sour. I learned from a good friend that you can always tell how good a bar is by their whiskey sour. The bar at the W Maldives was a ten out of ten!



Your favorite city for shopping?


I love shopping in New York to feel cool, and Paris to feel chic.



What are your three packing essentials?


Noise cancelling headphones for the plane, Vilebrequin swim trunks, and a few pairs of sunglasses.



Who’s your style icon?


Jude Law as Dickie Greenleaf in The Talented Mr Ripley… so cool, and so charming.



What do you consider a fashion faux-pas?


There was big neon phase… fluoro everything. I’m still in therapy over that, and the photos will be there to haunt me forever.



What is a fashion trend you wish would come back?


Anything that looks like it’s from a seventies pool party.



An insider tip on what fashion trends or labels to look out for?


Check out Kith store in New York, it is super cool, and they always have really interesting collaborations. Trend-wise nineties sunglasses are making a big comeback – small frames and light tinted lenses.