Musicians Tell Us The Weirdest Place They Ever Woke Up

Music Festival Musicians Tell Us The Weirdest Place They Ever Woke Up

This weekend, Scottsdale got the ultimate wake up call with the first ever W Hotels music festival featuring turned up sets by De La Soul, Mike Posner, Bebe Rexha, CeeLo Green, Mayer Hawthorne and so many more. To celebrate the energy of Wake Up Call: A W Hotel’s Music Festival, we asked the artists to get real and share the weirdest place they’ve ever woken up – whether it was in the Swiss Alps while on tour or in a questionable staircase at a house party.


It was three days of non-stop partying on W Scottsdale‘s glowing WET deck, and we were there to capture some backstage antics -and the craziest wake up calls – from all the exceptional talent.


“I was in New Orleans at Essence Festival and I REMEMBER waking up in my room, but half off the
bed and the shower was running.”

– Pos, of De La Soul


“What’s Weird Is That I even woke up at all.”

– Mike Posner


“My own bed at home. I travel so much that it’s a rarity for me to be at home… I’ve even woken up there and been like, ‘Woah, this is weird.'”

  • – Mayer Hawthorne

“Every day I wake up it’s weird.”

  • – Bebe Rexha

“I woke up to the utmost glorious sight in Switzerland. I looked out of the bus and we were pulled over next to the Alps and the reflection of the mountains on the water was so crisp, like a mirror, it was surreal.”

  • – CeeLo Green

“We woke up in Leigh, Maine while on tour. There was not much going on, to say the least.”

  • – Trevor, of Cheat Codes

“Once I woke up in Tucson in a sorority house with no idea how I got there.”

  • – Kevin, of Cheat Codes

“Baltimore. We were driving through and I woke up and looked outside the bus… It was crazy, everything was boarded up!”

  • – Matt, of Cheat Codes

“When I was in Copenhagen I took one for the team and woke up on the floor, using my Air Jordans as a pillow.”

  • – Matoma

“I woke up on the tour bus desperate for a toilet and realized we were in the middle of nowhere!”

  • – Jess Glynne

“On tour in Norway, I woke up after everyone and realized we were stopped. I looked out and realized that everyone was trying to push the bus out of the snow. I just pretended I was still asleep.”

  • – Nico, of Nico & Vinz

“I woke up in a staircase. After a house party. I don’t know why I was there, it was so uncomfortable, my whole body trying to fit on one stair.”

  • – Vinz, of Nico & Vinz


“I woke up in my hometown in a girl’s bed, with someone else’s keys in my pocket.”

  • – Kungs

“When I was a kid I went to bed in my bed but woke up in my big brother’s bed. Maybe I was scared and went in there, but I didn’t remember going in!”

  • – Lost Frequencies

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