This is How Scottsdale Parties

Dance This is How Scottsdale Parties

Visiting the desert you should expect to get hot, but take a trip to Scottsdale, Arizona… the heat reaches a whole new level. The unofficial pool party capital celebrates 24/7, inviting college students, socialites, and international travelers together to dance, drink, connect and get wet all year round. And right at the center of the nightclub district, W Scottsdale gets lit on the glowing Wet Deck, keeping the party going all day and night. Come for the the city’s only chilled pool, the killer cocktails, and poolside DJs, and stay for exclusive evening events.


To really show how Scottsdale turns up the heat, we captured the slickest, boldest and sweatiest dance moves of the evening at our WET Deck dance booth, set up during a Timeflies concert held right in the middle of the pool. It was a night to remember, albeit hazily. Trust us when we say, you have to experience Scottsdale to believe it.