Léon’s Guide to the Best Underground Music Spots in NYC

Insider Guide Léon’s Guide to the Best Underground Music Spots in NYC

Léon knows a thing or two about the global music scene, but there’s no place like the legendary New York City. Catch up with the Swedish pop starlet on the streets of Manhattan where she takes us to Good Records NYC to dig the crates for a little vintage vinyl. Then we head to American Two Spot where she picks out some fresh threads before hitting the stage for a gig at W New York as part of the Next Up series in collaboration with Billboard. The avenues of New York are hallowed musical ground, so after the drop, Léon left us a few notes on the best spots in the City to leave on a high note.


Good Records NYC

218 E 5th St


Founded in 2005, Good Records NYC offers a diverse selection that includes rock, soul, jazz, international, disco, and hip-hop. It’s where LÉON goes to grab vintage vinyl in NYC.


The Cutting Room

44 E 32nd St


A classy rock club relaunched in 2013, The Cutting Room continues to build on the the original location’s legacy as home to music legends and newcomers alike. Artists who’ve played here include Lady Gaga, Sting, John Mayer, and David Bowie.


Session 73

1359 1st Ave


Session 73 is the Upper East Side’s premier destination for nightly live music. There’s no cover—just a wide range of awesome acts ranging from rock to salsa.


Tomi Jazz

239 E 53rd St


Previously an exclusive members-only club, Tomi Jazz is now open to the public with live music every night. Come for the tunes, stay for the Japanese-influenced speakeasy setting.



29 W 46th St


The headphone specialty store Audio46 offers a one-of-a-kind audio shopping experience for casual music fans and audiophiles alike. You’ll find a vast range of headphones and enjoy outstanding customer service.

Léon's Underground Music Tour of NYC

NYC music must-sees for the ultimate audiophile.

1. Good Records NYC

2. American Two Shot Vintage Store

3. The Cutting Room

4. Session 73 Club

5. Tomi Jazz Club

6. Audio 46 Headphone Store

W New York