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When in Montreal, You Must

Know Before You Go

Our new restaurant is now open! Tbsp. is all about the pleasure of eating, one tablespoon at a time. Give carte blanche to our chef Joris Larigaldie and be impressed by his know-how in modern Italian cuisine and most importantly, by all of our products locally sourced.


Treat Yourself

Talk Like a Local

Learn the slang from the city.


/ti.ɡi.du/ adj.
This slang is an equivalent of "All good" and is mostly used at the end of a conversation. It's pronounced like "Teegeedoo"
Tigidou! See you later.

Neighborhoods to Explore

The high-rise modernism of downtown meets the 17th-century buildings of the Old Port. Our underground city allows us to get through the cold winters, while the warm summers lead us to the nicest rooftop terraces.

1. Old Montreal

Discover some of the nicest art galleries, fine dining restaurants and VIP clubs in this 1642 European setting.

2. Griffintown

Escape to the newest area of Montreal that keeps on getting cooler, with original independent boutiques, hidden bars and gems, opened by our very own millennials.

3. Mile End

Home to many Montreal artists and filmmakers, this creative area is known for two famous bagel joints; Fairmount and St-Viateur.

4. Quartier des Spectacles

Concert venues, outdoor festivals, comedy shows, digital art displays, and much more, immerse in the city’s cultural heart.

W Montreal
901 Rue du Square-Victoria

Ultimate Access

The Farsides

The Farsides

690 Notre-Dame St W

Coined as a ‘Thaiwaiian’ restaurant and a tiki bar, this new hot spot blends 90s nostalgia with eastern Thai and Hawaiian flavors. Perfect before a night at the club, expect decadent food complemented with an incredible program of tiki cocktails. The Farsides is definitely a dining experience to make waves in Montreal.


Caroline Khangi / Insider

The rum cake French toast is not on the menu yet. Take a chance and ask for it. It’s out of this world!



1407 Crescent

Yaourti is a cute little gem where Greek yogurt is literally the star of the show. Located in the heart of vibrant downtown, this place is the perfect oasis to smoothly recover from an intense shopping spree. Expect tasty and healthy dishes steeped in an authentic Mediterranean style.


Caroline Khangi / Insider

If you have a sweet tooth, try the baklava bowl for breakfast or dessert.

Cabaret Mado

Cabaret Mado

115 Ste-Catherine E

The least we can say is that Mado Lamotte is a local celebrity and that her drag queen bar remains, over the years, a Montreal classic. She is the reason why Montreal’s village has been on the map for the past 20 years.


Caroline Khangi / Insider

Before heading there, make sure to reserve a table at Le Red Tiger. Treat yourself with tasty street style Vietnamese dishes.

Galerie Robertson Arès

Galerie Robertson Arès

1490 Sherbrooke W

Discover the new kid on the block, a contemporary art gallery located in the chic Golden Square Mile. Surrounded by museums, galleries, and auction houses, Galerie Robertson Arès exhibits its show-stopping aesthetic in good company.


Caroline Khangi / Insider

Emily Robertson and François Arès are W Montreal good friends. Don’t be shy… Say hi!

Either / Or

Hot Booty Ballet


Hot Booty Ballet

1435 de Bleury St #400

Sweat to good beats and get a perky behind with Hot Booty Ballet, a new dynamic training created by local instructor Suaad Ghadban. Have a look at their dynamic map to find out where their closest class will take place.




1909 Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal

Hip hip hip hooray! The Bell Center has a new neighbor that serve delicious sharable plates. It might be a wine bar & café, but their cocktail list is pretty hard to resist.

Packing List


1. Sorel boots

Who ever said that winter boots all look the same never had a pair of Sorel.

2. Kanuk coat

A winter coat that is fashionable and warm? Yes ma’am (and sir)! Brought to you by Kanuk.

3. Rudsak hat

Your brushing might not survive, but at least you’ll stay warm in style with Rusdak adorable accessories.

4. BKIND lip balm

Keep your delicate lips hydrated while being respectful and thoughtful of our planet with BKIND lip balm.

Spotted in Montreal

Montréal Musee des Beaux-Arts

Montréal Musee des Beaux-Arts

1380 Rue Sherbrooke O

Don’t miss a visit to Canada’s largest museum. Located on Montreal’s historic Golden Square Mile, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is home to over 41,000 works of art.

Musee de Contemporain de Montreal

Musee de Contemporain de Montreal

185 Rue Ste-Catherine O

This contemporary art museum features both visual and performing arts. The collection includes over 7,000 pieces of art by more than 1,500 artists.

six flags montreal

La Ronde

22 Chemin Macdonald, Île Sainte-Hélène

If you’re coming between May and October, electrify your visit with a day at Quebec’s largest amusement park featuring ten roller coasters and tons of other rides for thrill-seekers.

Être Avec Toi (Ê.A.T)

Être Avec Toi (Ê.A.T)

901 Square Victoria

Check out the revolutionary new dining concept that offers an exciting art gallery, DJ-designed soundtracks, and perfectly prepared food and drink, all right there in the W Montreal.

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