Joan Smalls Explores Goa in Style

Insider Guide Joan Smalls Explores Goa in Style

To celebrate the launch of W Goa, we visited India’s stunning coastal getaway of Goa with Joan Smalls, our first ever Global Fashion Innovator, heading out on an insider tour of the city’s best spots to shop. Soaking up the sun and style of the city,  we visited vibrant markets and boutiques nestled among classic Portuguese architecture and stunning views.

Follow Joan through the winding streets as she takes in the vibrant fashion at small local stores like Sacha’s Shop and Flame, and basks in the decadent history that pulses through the Anjuna Flea Market.

Exploring the many patterns and colors of the Anjuna Flea Market!

From visiting local designers to experiencing the bustling lifestyle of a flea market, Joan shows us what it means to be in a “Goa state of mind.” And, as always, does it with effortless style.

At the Market

The Anjuna Flea Market is filled with vibrant cultural sights, including sacred cows covered in bells, men playing the Fula Flute, multicolored spices and rows and rows of bold colors and patterns. It’s the perfect place to get lost or find a piece of Goa to bring home.

Anjuna Flea Market DSC01023
Jewelry, fabrics and authentic Indian garments dress the rows of flea market shops
Indian and Portuguese cultures collide in the design of these patterned purses
Spices and coffee are sold here too, filling the streets with bold scents
Anjuna Flea Market DSC01031 (1)
India is known for its vibrantly colorful spices like Paprika and Turmeric
A holy cow walks through the market, taking in the scene

Finding Gold

A small boutique inside a Portuguese ancestral house, called Sacha’s Shop, is filled with local designs and intimate collectibles. Shimmering with gold accents, this place is like an opulent secret hideaway for amazingly authentic fashion.

Inside is a great collection of jewelry, clothes and objects
We loved the gold rings made by local crafters
Beautiful gold details bring history to the walls
Sacha is all about bringing quirky and unique accessories to Goa
Sacha shows off her beautiful shop

Bold, Bright, Beautiful

Another local boutique, Flame, brings German designer Martino Caramia’s unique collection to Goa. The colors are as bright and bold as as the market, but translated into a totally wearable, minimalist aesthetic perfect for city life.

Flame IMG_6097
Located in a tiki hut, it's the perfect way to browse
Flame IMG_6099
Dresses with a minimalist cut and bold colors are everywhere
Flame IMG_6102
The designer shows off his beautiful work

Views & VIBES

After a stop at Black Sheep Bistro for a bite and cocktail, the views are the only thing left to experience. From the lush market to the local talent to the streets rich with culture, Goa is overflowing with inspiration, and you can take it all in from here.

A local spot to retox
Globally inspired, locally sourced, and totally delicious
Colors pop wherever you look in this city
Basking in the Goa sun