Fit Tips On the Go with Jason Wimberly

Fit Tips Fit Tips On the Go with Jason Wimberly

Jason Wimberly promises that he’ll be “the most fabulous trainer you know,” and he’s not lying. The stylish and charismatic trainer is the founder of The Wall, a group fitness class that combines core conditioning, weight training, and indoor cycling. If that sounds complicated, don’t worry, Jason whipped up a custom set of Fit Tips On The Go that you can do at home, in the park, or in your hotel room. “Fitness should be fun,” Jason assures. “Get your workout in then enjoy a margarita by the pool. But you have to sweat if you want that cocktail!”


Side Lunges

Step wide to the side


Hinge hips back, releasing into the heel


Kick off the supporting leg


Cross back into a curtsy lunge


Plank Push-Ups

Start in a controlled, low plank with forearms to the floor


Push up one hand at a time


Do four sets to get the core activated


Spider-Man Push-Ups

Start in a basic push-up position


When you go down, bring alternate legs to elbows


Be sure to bend both elbows evenly, and bring chest close to the ground


Keep that booty out of the air!