Fit Tips with Personal Trainer to the Stars Lucas James

Fit Tips Fit Tips with Personal Trainer to the Stars Lucas James

Living your best life is all about finding that perfect balance between fitness and fun, but the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Celebrity trainer Lucas James brings personality and passion to every workout, so you never get bored – especially when traveling. We caught up with the Scottsdale, Arizona-based powerhouse about travel-friendly routines, high energy foods to eat when jet setting, and the secret to reaching your #goals while on the road, so you can go longer and stay later no matter where in the world you may be.


Lucas’s morning routine


I wake up around 4:30AM, take a shower, put some Clarins Men’s moisturizer on, throw on some clothes and I’m out the door by 5AM.



How often he works out a week


I try to get in at least 6 to 10 hours of exercise a week. Exercise for me stimulates my mind and body and can be therapy, helping me be more productive and creative with my businesses.



His favorite lazy workout


When I feel lazy I really enjoy running stadium stairs – it’s a quick workout that can burn a lot of calories, plus I get to be outside.



A fitness ritual he sticks to


My fitness ritual is trying to hit two muscle groups per workout and keep the workout under one hour or less. My goal is also to burn at least 500 calories in an hour. I switch my workouts up with boxing, basketball, plyometrics, running, yoga, hiking and spin class.



What’s playing on his headphones


I’m generally jamming to Chris Brown, Florida Georgia Line, Drake, Usher, or Lil’ Wayne.



He won’t go on a trip without


My headphones, my Mac laptop, and my Nikes. I’m always listening to music and always working.


Lucas’s biggest guilty pleasure


You could say I have a slight of obsession with chocolate chip cookie dough.



A famous icon he looks up to


Warren Buffett – I highly respect the man for what he’s done even beyond the money he’s made.



The last place he traveled


I recently traveled to South Beach, Miami and had a wonderful day running on the boardwalk and ate a great steak at Prime 112.




His go-to meal when traveling


I eat high-protein meals when I’m traveling. Unfortunately, when I’m on the road I generally end up losing weight because I’m not eating as frequently as when I’m home. Portion control is crucial when traveling.




He can’t go a day without


Music! Music moves me, motivates me, and drives me. When I was younger I was an avid hip-hop dancer and still enjoy busting a move.




Lucas’s Insider tip on how to stay healthy and happy


Commitment and consistency are key. Too many people try exercise and nutrition programs that are quick fixes and burn themselves out. The goal is to find an exercise regimen that you can maintain and enjoy long-term and find a nutrition program that doesn’t stress you out, is convenient, and maintainable.

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