Fit Tips On The Go with Joe Holder

Fit Tips Fit Tips On The Go with Joe Holder

Joe Holder is a Nike Master Trainer and fitness coach to some of the most iconic models to strut the runway, but you don’t need a high-class gym to master his moves. Joe’s holistic approach to training puts the focus on wellness without pushing the body beyond its limits. We asked the performance specialist to put together a new round of Fit Tips On The Go, a flash set for the fitness savvy traveler. From Spiderman stretches to side planks and jacks, Joe’s routine will get your body heated up and hungry for more.


Spider-Man Stretch

Start in a lunge position


Step foot to the outside of your hand


Find a deep stretch and rotate up tall


10 reps each side


Repeat 3 times


Side Plank to Knee Drive

Begin in a side plank with top hand on your head


Drop hips toward the ground, then drive up


Lift leg and bring knee to elbow


15-25 reps each side


Repeat 3 times


Plyometric Jumping Jack

Hit three jumping jacks


Find air with an explosive jump


Tuck the legs and tap hands to knees


20 reps (1 rep is complete after the tuck jump)


Repeat 3 times