Fit Tips On The Go with Ashley Guarrasi

Fit Tips Fit Tips On The Go with Ashley Guarrasi

Ashley Guarrasi knows how to knockout a pro training session on the go. An official Nike Trainer specializing in functional movement and boxing fitness, Ashley’s combo workouts are full of lunges, punches, push-ups, and squats. It’s plenty to get the heart rate up and the muscles flexed, whether you’re at home or away on holiday. “It’s a full body experience when you don’t have a gym to use,” she promises. So pump up the music and get moving with Ashley’s Fit Tips On The Go.


Squats with Punches

Squat deeply


Pop up to punch left


Drop low again


Spring up to punch right


Shoulder Tap Push-Up

Start in a firm plank position


Push up, tap left


Push up, tap right


Make sure to breath and keep your form


Boxer Lunges

Hold your boxing position


Lunge in place 3 times


Quickly flip to the other side


Lunge in place, keeping your arms and core engaged