On the Street: Cherub’s Food Tour of Bangkok

Insider Guide On the Street: Cherub’s Food Tour of Bangkok

When it comes to taking risks, Jordan and Jason of the Electro-Indie band CHERUB are always the first to take the dare, or in this case, the bite. While visiting W Bangkok, the Nashville-based duo got the rare opportunity to explore the city’s delicious (and sometimes disturbing) street food scene, trying an array of local delicacies like silky mango puddings and crunchy roasted scorpions. CHERUB had no reservations about pushing their comfort zone, learning the culture of a new city the best way possible – through the food.

With W Bangkok’s W Insider at the lead, Jordan, Jason, and posse tasted the street food carts, dug in at dives and sampled the market’s best. Follow the duo as they take note of their favorite dishes, gawk over local prices, and munch on some strange surprises along the way.


Lek & Rut Seafood

What They Ate: All sorts of fresh seafood including crab fried rice, tom yum tiger prawn soup, grilled tiger prawn, stir fried vermicelli noodles with prawns, deep fried squid in garlic. All served with spicy seafood sauce (that Jordan loves!)


How much it costs: THB 2,300 for 10 dishes


Tasting Notes: The spice and the coconut creamy flavor of the Tom Yum soup were Jordan’s favorite. The Prawns were spectacular. Jason just loves fresh seafood… it’s his favorite! We don’t like sucking the heads of prawns, but we tried!

CHERUB (164)
CHERUB (173)

Insect Push Cart

What They Ate: Meal worms, Scorpion and Larva.


How much it costs: THB 50 per cup for Worms and Larva / THB  100 Scorpion


Tasting Notes: It was a little bit challenging but it wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be. They were kind of tasty, strangely, but we won’t be chasing meal worms around outside.

CHERUB (133)
CHERUB (137)
CHERUB (144)

Stick with Mango

What They Ate: Mango Sticky Rice


How much it costs: THB 100 per set

Where You Found It:


Tasting Notes: While we were in Rawaii, our chef made it for us for dessert, so we were stoked because we had already fallen in love with it. We could eat it all day long.

CHERUB (180)
CHERUB (183)


What They Ate: Cantaloupe in Sago with Milk and a Black Sesame Ball with Milk.


How much it costs: THB 40 per cup.


Tasting Notes: Jason loved the Cantaloupe!

CHERUB (106)
CHERUB (110)

Yaowarat Toast

What They Ate: Toasted bread with milk and chocolate


How much it costs: THB 20 per piece


Tasting Notes: It was like a bavarian Nutella donut… but creamier. Rocky noticed us eyeballing the stand (there was a long line so we knew it was good) so he decided to share some with us. It reinforced how kind Thai people are… and how good their food is!

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