5 Minutes with Jengi Beats

Up Close 5 Minutes with Jengi Beats

At only 19, this young DJ is already rising fast. Originally from the Netherlands, Jengi Beats is newly signed to Sony Publishing but continues to show off his unique electro-soul style at parties in his home city of Amsterdam. We caught up with the sound prodigy during his stay at W Amsterdam where he was featured as part of the Future Rising line-up, in partnership with Mixcloud. From theme songs to inspirations from his home town, we learn that Jengi Beats may be young, but he’s definitely got (an old) soul.

Where are you from and does your home influence your music?


Jengi Beats: I live in a small town near Amsterdam called Den Bosch. The city contains a rich history and the atmosphere has a very Burgundian vibe. It doesn’t have a great music scene but I really enjoy and get inspiration from the local terraces and cozy streets. It’s just like a tiny Paris or Barcelona.


What are you currently working on?


JB: I’m going to tell you a secret: I’ll release a small collection of music in 2017 as my first album.



How do you keep up the energy when you are performing live?


JB: With a big selection of music, coffee, my own squad, and self confidence.



What is the best advice you have ever gotten about your career?


JB: Don’t copy styles but take influences from them and put them into your own sound.



If we’re going to buy you a drink, what should it be?


JB: I prefer beer but Gin and Tonic is also my favorite.



A song you have stuck in your head these days:


JB: Low Steppa – Drifting



Your favorite city for music?


JB: Definitely London in my opinion.



Who would the concert of your wildest dreams include?


JB: Difficult question. I guess Disclosure for the live act and Stromae for the clothes and decoration.



If you had a theme song what song would it be?


JB: The original Zelda theme song.



What band or artist are you especially excited about right now?


JB: Lido. I really like his beats with a gospel x soul twist.

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