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Find adventure and a breath of fresh air in the Swiss Alps

Destination Guide Verbier

Daydreaming of a staycation? W Verbier is now open. We’ll save you a spot and have a cocktail waiting for you.

When in Verbier, You Must

Know Before You Go

Cleanse and reboot with the Ultimate Iron Man Power Juice at the Arctic Juice & Café. It's the perfect way to kickstart a day on the slopes.


Take a sip.

Talk Like a Local

Learn the slang from the streets.

Ça joue!

[sa] [ʒu] phrase
It means 'All good!'
-Let’s meet at the Living Room for a drink? -Ça joue!

Neighborhoods to Explore

Romandy is the French-speaking part of western Switzerland. It is divided in 8 districts and cantons, some of them settled on the remarkable Lake Geneva (Lac Léman). Verbier is situated in Valais Canton, famous for its breathtaking mountains, succulent apricots, and tasty cheeses.

1. Champex Lac

A 40-minute drive from Verbier, discover Champex with its lovely mountain lake. This town also boasts a charming botanical garden. If you're in a daring mood, try the brand new zip lines, built at 2200m high with epic views on the surrounding valleys.

2. Montreux Riviera

Located on Lake Geneva shoreline at the foot of the Alps, experience the true Swiss Dolce Vita. Visit the lake side vineyards in the picturesque old city of Montreux.

W Verbier
Rue de Médran 70, 1936 Bagnes

Ultimate Access to Verbier

La galerie du Chocolat

La galerie du Chocolat

Route de Verbier Station 65

La Galerie du Chocolat is the place to be for chocolate lovers in Verbier. Find tasteful creations, made with love in a cozy chalet atmosphere.

May Dutheil

May Dutheil / Insider

Ask Terence for one of her special hot chocolates. Dip a spoon with hard chocolate in a cup of warm milk and you'll have a tasty drink in less than a minute.

Bel Air Fine Art

Bel Air Fine Art

Place Centrale 4

Art and Design in the heart of the mountains, through the eyes of curator Luca Ricchi.

May Dutheil

May Dutheil / Insider

This year, see the work of artists like Bansky, Philippe Berry, Jeff Koons, Angelo Accardi, Boudro, Rémy Aillaud, and many more.




Ski & Yoga

Rue de Medran 70

Meet 2014 Freeride World Tour Champion, Émilien Badoux, and join him for a warm up yoga class before hitting the slopes.

The Farm Club


The Farm Club

Route de Verbier Station 55

A real institution in Verbier, The Farm Club is the place to see and be seen.




2018 Polaris Festival



HAUTE CUISINE 2019 – The Ultimate Gastronomic experience


1. SUNGLASSES – Whether it’s winter or summer, a good pair of sunglasses is a must.

2. HIKING SHOES – Don’t forget to pack a good pair of shoes that will get you ready for whatever comes next in the mountains.

3. STAINLESS STEEL BOTTLE – A water bottle that insulates your drink for hours on ends.

4. SUNSCREEN – Save your Skin and Stay protected from the Sun whether you’re skiing, hiking, or paragliding.

Spotted in Verbier