Sofi Tukker: Songs to Spark New Life

Playlist Sofi Tukker: Songs to Spark New Life

Summer is coming to a close but the party is just heating up with Grammy-nominated dance duo Sofi Tukker. The pair have been named the most recent addition to Billboard and W Hotel’s Next Up series, and it comes on the heels of their fire new single, “Best Friend.” The song’s shuffling rhythm and crunchy bass is delivered courtesy an all-star music cast that includes their friends Nervo, The Knocks, and Alisa Ueno. And to top if off, the new hit is featured in the debut iPhone X commercial.

Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern, the New York-based duo behind the Sofi Tukker moniker, dialed-in direct from Ibiza to give us the lowdown on their ambitious road ahead. And as you read, press play on an exclusive playlist, curated by ST, featuring underground cuts from Sergio Mendes, Die Antwood, and many more.

How would you describe your musical style?


ST: Like when you walk outside right after it was raining and you can smell the grass and then the sun beams start poking through the clouds and then you jumping the ocean!


What is the first album you ever owned?


Tucker: Big Willie Style, Will Smith.
Sophie: The Reminder, Feist.


Where can we find you on a Friday night?


ST: Dancing.


If we’re going to buy you a drink, what should it be?


Tucker: Vodka ginger ale.
Sophie: Coconut water.


A song you have stuck in your head these days:


ST: Our new song “Best Friend” because we just finished filming the music video for it and so have been listening to it so many times! Luckily we still love it!


Your favorite city for music?


Sophie: Rio.
Tucker: Ibiza. Maybe because we are here now and have been loving it!


How would you describe your fashion style?


Tucker: Batshit crazy.
Sophie: Sensual ‘n’ sporty.


Who would the concert of your wildest dreams include?


ST: Die Antwoord, the Roots, Stromae, Grimes, and Sofi Tukker.


If you could play music with one person living or dead who would it be?


ST: The Knocks. Their new songs are soooooo hot.