His & Hers: Rebecca and Ralph’s Must-Haves for the Jet Set Lifestyle

Travel Essentials His & Hers: Rebecca and Ralph’s Must-Haves for the Jet Set Lifestyle

Living the life of a jet setter may be filled with constant adventure, but packing for the unexpected (without going over the weight limit!) is an art in itself. Amsterdam and NYC based fashion blogger Rebecca Laurey and husband DJ Ralph Felix are constantly on the move, traveling from city to seaside, music club to fashion party, hemisphere to hemisphere – often without a break in between. So how do the power couple keep it light, fashionable and functional when they’re on the go? It’s all about packing the versatile essentials that can go from beach to city street, day to night, and flight to flight to flight no matter the time zone.

We gathered Rebecca and Ralph’s travel essentials during their jet set from their W Hotel stays at Miami and NYC, learning tips for a smooth trip, the must-haves for a long plane ride, and a few souvenirs that are worth adding to your suitcase.

While you scroll, check out the playlist Ralph created just for us!

Rebecca at W South Beach in Miami
Ralph out in NYC




Sunglasses: I almost never leave the house without them, to protect my eyes from the sun of course, but mostly to cover my eyes on no make-up days or as a finishing touch to my looks. These are Stella McCartney.


Eye mask: I barely sleep without them anymore! Especially when they’re bigger and silky, it’s my travel must-have for sure. This one is from Olivia von Halle.


Analog camera: When it comes to photos I bring a lot of gear when I travel. I have my iPhone 7 plus, which is great for Instagram photos. I bring my Canon 5D Mark III for blog photos, and my polaroid camera to capture fun moments. Only recently I added another device to my collection: a vintage Canon analog camera. I want to learn more about photography and how to create beautiful photos without digital altering. We live in a world where so much can be changed or added to a photo by simple tricks on our computers. I’m searching for that authentic beauty more and more and using this baby to find just that. It also provides the element of surprise – you never know how the film is gonna turn out and that’s the fun of it.


Pair of earrings: The easiest way to spice up an outfit. I scored these at H&M a while ago and have them in multiple colors, so good! Even a simple jeans and t-shirt combo will get an upgrade easily.


Lipgloss: I’m not really a lipstick kind of girl. Not because I don’t like it, I don’t know how to keep it on my lips. It always starts to smudge or fade, and I always forget to bring it when I go out. So I tend to opt for the easier version like a simple gloss. I love the more neutral or soft colors like this one from MAC.



A shot glass: This is a tradition Ralph and I started many years ago. We brought shot glasses from all the destinations we visited over the past few years, and since we travel quite a lot and all over the world, you can imagine the stock we have by now (and never use).


A magnet: Same thing. The “tradition” started with us bringing it home for one another as a gift from our travels. I just like the way it looks on our fridge, a little reminder of how lucky we are to be doing what we’re doing. We get both the shot glass and magnet (usually the ugliest we can find!) at the tourist shops.


Our room key from the W South Beach: I don’t always take my room keys, but when I really love the experience at a hotel, I tend to take the key as a keepsake, just to have a “stack” of great memories at home.




My Sennheiser headphones: As a music producer on the road it’s impossible to live without them!


My Away Carry On: This puppy has a built-in phone charger which I cant live without.


The vintage watch: My father gave me it to me for my wedding and when I’m traveling a lot it reminds me of my family back home.


My lucky two dollar bill: A friend gave it to me and it gives me luck everywhere I need it.


My wife Rebecca: Traveling is just way more fun when she is by my side!



A corny espresso glass: From a tourist shop for our apartment in Amsterdam, so I have something to remember our last trip by when I am home!


An amazing denim throw: For our couch in Amsterdam, which we picked up on the Rosebowl Fleemarket in Pasadena. We visited LA after Miami and New York, and bought something everywhere.


A vintage army jacket: It’s from the Dutch army, which I found in a vintage clothing store in LA.


A magnet for our fridge: For a silly tradition we started many years ago!


Polaroids: We take them everywhere we go and don’t actually do anything with them. Just fun to have!