Re-energize with Tara Stiles

Fit Re-energize with Tara Stiles

Living it up isn’t as easy as it seems, but someone’s gotta do it. Sometimes we need a push to help us get going in the morning, get back on track after a long flight, or re-energize after a big night out. Join Tara Stiles as she shows us some in-room secret stretches to get you going on to the next adventure." class="video-wrap">


Work out those kinks after a long flight with a rejuvenating pigeon stretch to soothe your body after a day of travel and get your internal clock back on track." class="video-wrap">


Whether you want to kick-start your day or boost your energy before a night out, give your body an energetic lift with a quick in-room yoga fix. Try dancer pose for an instant surge of vitality and a side stretch to get you limber and revitalized for that second (or third) wind.


Feeling tired or had one too many the night before? Amp up your energy with some quick yoga from the comfort of your bed.