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Explore pristine beachs, then take off to the beach in Latin America's urban gem, Panama City.

Destination Guide Panama

When in Panama, You Must

Know Before You Go

Customers should review government guidance to verify all safety guidelines for your next trip to Panama. As per local mandates, guests' temperatures will be verified upon arrival at the hotel, social distancing signage will be in place, hand sanitizer will be available throughout the property and masks are mandatory in all public areas of the hotel and in all local businesses.

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Talk Like a Local

Learn the slang from the streets.


/boˈt͡ʃin.t͡ʃe/ noun
I would ask her out, but there would be too much bochinche at the office!

Neighborhoods to Explore

1. San Felipe

Known locally as Casco Viejo, this area offers the best nightlife in all of Panama.

2. Obarrio

Nearby W Panama, this neighborhood is full of classic restaurants and scenic casinos.

3. Coco del Mar

This area is a great place for shopping, and right on the water.

4. Costa del Este

Another scenic neighborhood, with boutiques and cafés that are uniquely Latin American.

Ultimate Access to Panama

Casa Bruja

Casa Bruja

Address: 11th St, Casco Viejo Av. B

This Panamanian brewery creates fresh potions that will leave you haunted by flavor.

yamal silcott w panama

Yamal Silcott / Insider

The brewery also plays host to a hidden garden, where you can drink a fresh brew and meet all sorts of faces.

Undercover Boots

Undercover Boots

Casco Viejo, Av. A

Undercover boots are fashionable, functional, and authentically Panamanian.

yamal silcott w panama

Yamal Silcott / Insider

In this tropical climate, with up to 9 months of precipitation each year, a pair of stylish rain boots are a must!

Longplay Panama

Longplay Panama

Av 5 Sur

Longplay is a space for music where styles, decades, and sounds converge. It's a vinyl shop for lovers of vintage, pop culture—the first in Panama.

yamal silcott w panama

Yamal Silcott / Insider

The clearance box will surprise you with treasures.

Either / Or

Jump Club PTY


Jump Club PTY

Terrazas de Marbella, piso 1

Kangoo Jump is the trendiest way to exercise and lose calories in the most fun way.



Casa Casco

Calle 10 Este

CasaCasco is a club with the perfect blend of antique and avant-garde. The terrace offers a panoramic view of the city.

Panama Essentials


All you need for an escape to Panama.

1. Hat

Stay stylish and protect yourself from the sun.

2. Sunblock

Be careful with the sun here, even during the rainy season.

3. Sunglasses

Keep it classy with a cool pair of shades.

4. Sneakers

Gear up for an extra comfortable walk around the city.

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