Destination Guide

New Orleans

Come to life in one of America's most iconic cities.

Destination Guide New Orleans

When In New Orleans, You Must

Know Before You Go

Bask in the sun at WET outdoor courtyard pool. Inspire your sense of the shadows with the vibes and ambience of Tarot and Voodoo magic.


Treat Yourself

Talk Like a Local


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A phrase used for acknowledging or validating any statement made by someone else.
Girl I'm ready to turn up! It's Mardi Gras!! Hum-Bruh!

Neighborhoods to Explore

1. Frenchman Street

Locally known for art and live music. Frenchman has a plethora of bars and pubs for every type of music, and it's a great place for snacks and artwork.

2. French Quarter

Notorious for being one of the most iconic places of pleasure, indulgence, and liberation. Party, play, and fuel in downtown NOLA. Walk around with hand grenades or sip absinth in a pub, there's a cup of tea for everyone.

3. Garden District

Take in the scene with a beautiful old school neighborhood. This area has streets lined with million-dollar mansions, and a historic cemetery with open access to the general public.

4. Bywater

This up and coming neighborhood of the city was devastated after Katrina, but new restaurants and bars are popping up like spring daisies. This gem of an area is producing some of the cities best hangouts.

5. W New Orleans - French Quarter

316 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA 70130

Ultimate Access to New Orleans


Bourbon O Bar

730 Bourbon St

This is one of the best bars to visit in the city, live jazz every night at 8. Bourbon O specializes in classic New Orleans Cocktails.

Frankie Riffas

Frankie Riffas / Insider

Ask Cheryl and how she can get you to drink a whole cup of straight lemon juice!


Carousel Bar

214 Royal St

Carousel Bar is in the Hotel Monteleone which is one of the oldest hotels in the city, it's fabulous with it's classic luxury aesthetic. The Carousel Bar is a spinning Bar that provides classic New Orleans cocktails with a fun and lively environment.

Frankie Riffas

Frankie Riffas / Insider

Make sure you go early evening, as it tends to get busy.

Whiskey And Rhinestones

Whiskey And Rhinestones

523 Gravier St

Whiskey And Rhinestones is a phenomenal show by New Orleans' own internationally renowned burlesque queen Bella Blue, located inside Gravier St. Social.

Frankie Riffas

Frankie Riffas / Insider

Make sure you bring cash, Bella's shows can get hot so make sure you make it rain! Contact your W Insider for pre-sale Tickets.

Verti Marte

Verti Marte

1201 Royal St

This is a gem of The French Quarter. Verti Marte is a bodega that provides 24-hour food delivery service to The French Quarter hotels and residences. Verti Marte creates some of the best late night delivery options take advantage of them!

Frankie Riffas

Frankie Riffas / Insider

Verti Marte has the best Po'boy in the quarter, the "All That Jazz" is a divine blend of melted cheeses, ham, fried oysters, fried shrimp, on Leidenheimer bread, it's old school service so make sure to provide cash!

Either / Or

9 Roses


9 Roses

620 Conti St

This is a local hangover cure, after a night of partying detox your body by having a delicious bowl of Pho.

Oz Nightclub


Oz Nightclub

800 Bourbon St

Oz is an LGBTQ nightclub/bar where you can dance to some of the best DJ mixes to current and past party hits.